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Las Vegas police look for ways to reduce deadly crashes

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metro police are reaching out to the general public for solutions on how to stop deadly collisions.

In a Facebook post, Metro wrote, “How do we prevent fatal collisions? Some believe enforcement is the answer. … so we conduct traffic stops and write tickets. Others believe education is the answer … so we offer classes thru the courts and DMV or driving schools. And yet, there are some who think engineering is the answer… reduce speed limits, widen roadways, offer bicycle lanes. But, LVMPD Traffic has investigated 71 fatal crashes thus far in 2022. We’re open to other answers, ideas, options!”

  • Las Vegas Metro Deadly Crash photograph
  • Las Vegas Metro Deadly Crash photograph
  • Las Vegas Metro Deadly Crash photograph

Within 4 hours there have been virtually 500 feedback. Some of them appeared to be properly written whereas others centered on blaming totally different folks and teams.

Las Vegas Metro police statistics present the distinction from Jan. 1, 2022, by means of Jun. 3, 2022 in contrast to the identical timeframe in 2021.

Deadly crashes are up 12.7% over final year (some crashes had a number of deaths). Metro reviews it has responded to 62 this year in contrast to 55 final year. Deaths in these crashes are up 12.3% with 64 this year in contrast to 57 final year presently.

Out of all of these deaths, deaths due to DUI are down 34.5%. That is down from 29 presently in 2021 in contrast to 19 to date in 2022.

Of all of the deadly crashes pedestrians have been killed extra this year to date. There have been 24 this year in contrast to 19 in 2022. Following pedestrians are bike/moped crashes, drivers, passengers, and bicyclists.

Motorcycle/moped-related deaths are up 15.4% this year.

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