Lamborghini’s Biggest Electric Supercar Challenge Isn’t What You Think — Exclusive Interview

It’s a spotlight that appears more and more prescient given how the electrical automobile world is creating. EVs are effectively previous needing to show they’re able to outrageous efficiency: Tesla’s Model S Plaid can outrun hypercars, and the freshly-announced Lucid Air Sapphire guarantees to be even quicker. Even extra attainable fashions can boast horsepower and acceleration numbers that after would’ve required keys to a sports activities automotive, although.

That, Mohr counters, is the straightforward path to headlines. Perhaps, even, the lazy one. “The business at the moment, everybody is looking for faster, faster, more power, especially with the electric world, because it’s easy to generate this number,” he argues. “But I’m deeply convinced this will end up very soon — not soon in the sense of tomorrow — but the people will recognize that if you have, what, five megawatts, two megawatts, nevertheless, it’s not more fun.”

For positive, the electrical Lamborghini will not be sluggish. What it would have, Mohr insists, is faucet electrification in a means that really displays what its viewers needs. In quick, being prepared to surrender on metrics that, although they might have helped outline many years of supercar growth, arguably simply aren’t related anymore with EVs.

“I don’t know any of my friends — and my friends are also a little bit car crazy — that take a car on Sunday morning out of the garage, on their own, make a launch control start and are happy: “oh, I’m 2.1 seconds.” It doesn’t matter,” Mohr laughs. “I mean, for sure you need a certain level of performance to be credible. The car cannot be slow. But to have always this number crunching, it’s the wrong way.”

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