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Kamala Harris jokes she’ll ‘write letters’ to space station

Vice President Kamala Harris joked Friday that she would “write letters” to the International Space Station after her name to astronauts orbiting Earth reduce out inside minutes.

“More to come. We’ll write letters!” the vice chairman cracked whereas nonetheless holding a cellphone receiver at Houston’s Johnson Space Center.

Harris managed to ask a trio of astronauts some questions — together with about what they realized from their time in space.

“This is like my Zooms all year long,” the VP joshed as she was patched by means of to the ISS.

“I’m so excited to be with you all as vice president, as the head of the Space Council and as an American who’s a space nerd,” Harris gushed as soon as the connection was made.

Harris then requested: “Can you share, for those who have not been on the International Space Station: How does it impact your view of Earth when you have had that experience?”

Kamala Harris made a joke after her name to the space station dropped.
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“We look down and we see a world with no borders … We see and work with people that are, you know, from all different backgrounds,” astronaut Bob Hines instructed Harris — who has confronted criticism in her function as President Biden’s US-Mexico border czar. The variety of folks arrested for illegally crossing the border has continued to develop and is projected to exceed 2 million in fiscal 2022 — a brand new report.

Hines additionally mentioned he realized “how fragile” Earth is and the way “we have to take care of it.”

“Lessons for all of us,” Harris replied. “We’re all in this together, aren’t we? But you can see that when you’re in space — that we on Earth are all in this together. And I appreciate your point about the fragility of this beautiful Earth of ours and the need therefore to take care of it.”

The astronauts discussed new crop innovations.
Harris requested the astronauts how Americans might take higher care of our planet.
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Harris then requested the astronauts for classes on how to be “smarter” about taking good care of the planet.

Astronaut Jessica Watkins cited experiments on rising crops with out soil and anti-aging analysis.

Harris lost contact with the astronauts after telling them “I’m going to have a bunch of students with me today” and asking for recommendation to go alongside.

The veep was ridiculed final year for utilizing youngster actors — reasonably than precise college students — to movie a video selling her management of the National Space Council, a job beforehand held by her predecessor, Mike Pence.

Earlier Friday, Harris introduced an initiative to increase range among the many workforces of personal space-focused corporations which can be reliant on authorities contracts.

These companies are reliant on government contracts.
Harris introduced an initiative to diversify personal space exploration corporations.
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In a day speech, Harris rededicated the Biden administration to the purpose of touchdown “the first woman and person of color” on the moon this decade as a part of the Artemis program.

Former President Donald Trump dedicated to placing the primary lady on the moon by means of the Artemis program and NASA said shortly after Biden took office that the following lunar mission additionally would come with no less than one non-white member.

Only 12 males — all Americans — have walked on the moon, starting with Neil Armstrong in 1969 and ending with Harrison Schmitt in 1972.

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