Johnny Depp Creates Blind, Seafaring Con-Man Character For Video Game Trailer – Deadline

Before the extended agony of his multimillion greenback defamation trial with ex Amber Heard, Johnny Depp had some enjoyable doing what he does greatest: making a delightfully eccentric character.

The project was a trailer for a brand new massively multiplayer on-line role-playing recreation known as Sea Of Dawn from Changyou, the Chinese company behind the hit free-to-play MMORPG Dragon Oath which, it says has registered 300 million customers because it debuted in 2007.

Sea of Dawn is about throughout the post-medieval age of European exploration. Players can sail the excessive seas in warships or as pirates.

Depp’s character is a fez-wearing former adventurer with an Irish accent named Phillip who’s now blind and largely confined to his dwelling, which is suffering from trinkets from his travels.

The conceit of the clip is {that a} invoice collector (performed by Francisco Rodriguez) has come a-calling and, as a substitute of barring the door, Phillip invitations him in and employs a little bit of shock and awe. He overwhelms and misdirects the customer by feeling his face, giving him a tour of the relics strewn concerning the chamber, asking him instantly, “Do you happen to play the flute, boy?” after which by chance lighting his personal beard on hearth. It’s a basic Depp caricature.

“If there’s an opportunity for humor, I’m going to grab it,” the actor explains of the face-feeling in a making-of featurette. “I want to watch a character who has the proper chutzpah to do things I would never do.”

By the top, Depp’s Phillip has entranced his customer and introduced forth in him a thirst for his personal seafaring adventures which, after all, is what Sea Of Dawn is all about.

Pushing the tax collector out the door, Depp’s former swashbuckler says, “Your journey awaits you out there, on the tides.”

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