Jake Sullivan: New Ukraine aid package will include air defense systems

The U.S. will ship medium- and long-range air missile defense systems to Ukraine within the subsequent aid package, which may very well be introduced as quickly as this week, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated Monday.

Mr. Sullivan stated President Biden, who’s in Germany for a summit with Group of Seven leaders, has already made the pledge to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“I can confirm that we are in fact, in the process of finalizing a package that includes advanced air defense capabilities,” Mr. Sullivan instructed reporters in Europe. “As [Mr. Biden] told President Zelenskyy, we do intend to finalize a package that includes advanced medium- and long-range air defense capabilities for the Ukrainians, along with some other items that are of urgent need, including ammunition for artillery and counter-battery radar systems.”

Mr. Biden final month promised that the U.S. would supply Ukraine with “more advanced rocket systems and munition” because it tries to fend off Russian invaders.

Speaking with reporters, Mr. Sullivan stated Mr. Zelenskyy spoke to the G-7 leaders about Sunday’s missile assaults on Kyiv and he requested “additional air defense capabilities that could shoot down missiles out of the sky.”

“What we’re trying to do with this point is tailor our military assistance to the particular, immediate needs of Ukrainians on the battlefield at a given point in time,” Mr. Sullivan stated.

In latest weeks, the U.S. has been growing its navy aid to Ukraine as its battle with Russia grinds on. The Biden administration final week introduced an extra $450 million in navy help for Ukraine, together with 4 extra a number of launch rocket systems and artillery ammunition for different systems.

Earlier this month, the administration accepted an extra $1 billion in navy aid to Ukraine by way of a package that features extra howitzers, ammunition and coastal defense systems.

Mr. Sullivan stated the delay in reaching a last settlement with different G-7 leaders is because of the complexity of the problem.

The G-7 leaders are mulling a proposed cap on the value of Russian oil to slash Moscow’s income it’s utilizing to finance its battle in Ukraine.

The transfer has some assist however has additionally hit some snags in the course of the three-day summit, and Mr. Sullivan wouldn’t say if a deal would probably occur inside weeks or months.

An eventual G-7 settlement on worth caps, Mr. Sullivan stated, would mark “a pretty dramatic step forward” and would quantity to “one of the more significant outcomes of the [G-7] summit.”

“The single biggest factor here is this is not something that can be pulled off the shelf as a tried and true method. … It is a new kind of concept to deal with a particularly novel challenge, which is how to effectively deal with a country that’s selling millions of barrels of oil a day,” Mr. Sullivan stated. 

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