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‘I’m just relieved’: Cousin steps up to save a life with ‘beautiful’ liver donation

Jalen Crimiel’s wholesome life-style and fast response to a household disaster saved his cousin’s life. He encourages others to donate as nicely.

SAN ANTONIO — Earnest Terrence Taylor Jr., who goes by TJ, has lived with Ulcerative colitis since he was 14. The autoimmune illness could cause a number of points together with liver illness and in late September, TJ’s liver began failing. 

Additional issues would make the possibility of getting a wholesome liver extraordinarily slim. Then, out of nowhere, TJ’s cousin revealed he had already been getting examined and will present a match. 

Parents Terrence Taylor and Julie Taylor already had TJ on a transplant listing and have been working with the Texas Liver Institute to discover each possibility. They had tried to donate a part of a liver themselves however could not present a match. The mother and father stated in addition they labored with University Hospital to put up a Facebook web page to search for potential donors and advocate for TJ. 

In September, TJ was in a although spot. His liver wasn’t in dangerous sufficient form to transfer to the highest of the listing, however his autoimmune illness was additionally regularly damaging the veins close to his liver. TJ’s mother and father stated his blood vessels would quickly be so badly broken that a transplant can be inconceivable. They have been operating out of time. 

“His eyes started to turn yellow. The skin gets a little yellow as well because the liver is not functioning at 100 percent,” Julie Taylor stated. “It worsened other organs as well. You can’t reverse the damage”  

Little did the household know, Cousin Jalen Crimiel had already seen their Facebook post earlier than they instructed any family about it. Crimiel instantly began to analysis the organ donor course of.

“With family, I have a rule: If I can help family then I help family. I wanted to at least see if I could help,” Crimiel stated. 

Crimiel began scheduling the required blood work, MRI scans, CT scans, and different assessments earlier than work or took time without work from work to get them achieved. Before October ended, he was ready to show he was a match. It was just in time. 

“We found out he was a match one day and we started to schedule the surgery the next. It was that fast,” Julie Taylor stated.

While there have been issues, the liver transplant went nicely. Crimiel does not smoke, hardly ever drinks, and workouts continually. Doctors stated it confirmed. 

“The doctors kept using the words “beautiful liver”. It sounded a little ‘Hannibal Lecter’ to me but it was a compliment so I took it,” Crimiel stated. 

TJ was nonetheless recovering within the hospital as of Saturday however was displaying enchancment. Once he will get out, he’ll nonetheless want to quarantine for a number of months due to a weakened immune system. Mother Julie Taylor stated she was excited to see TJ present indicators of recovery. 

“I’m just relieved and happy and excited that he is now able to start living like a young kid should live. He’s been though this since he was 14 years old living with chronic pain and extreme fatigue.. to now being about to go to college and live your life,” Julie Taylor stated. 

Terrence Taylor stated he’s grateful his son will get better. He stated his household has now turn into so shut with Crimiel that its like having one other son. 

“We told him ‘your like a son to us, we have a room available for you, whenever you want to come here there is a bed. You are welcome any time,” Terrence Taylor stated.  

Crimiel, who’s now ready for his liver to develop again, will likely be in quarantine for one month. He instructed KENS 5 his physique is continuedly exhausted because the organ grows again, however he would not change something. He hopes that different individuals will contemplate turning into a donor as nicely. 

“Even if it is not your family member, if you can help someone out and help them live a quality life I think it is a great thing to do. If you in a situation where you family needs an organ and you are not a match you can even pair-swap donation where they find someone that you are a match for,” Crimiel stated. “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Another cousin created a GoFundMe page to help the household as they get better. 

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