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“Vox Populi, Vox Dei, man.” So says self-proclaimed Chief Twit Elon Musk from a non-public jet flying excessive above the world throughout a Twitter Spaces look on Sunday, Dec. 4 (JST). It does sound good to say, however the voice of the mob ought to by no means be the voice of “God.” The causes are myriad. Suffice it to say that in the identical means failed crypto-exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried supposedly set off Musk’s BS detector, so ought to Musk be setting off our personal alarm bells. His actions merely don’t match his nice-sounding phrases, and anybody who refuses to perceive free speech can also be going to miss the boat on crypto and financial freedom.

God Save the ‘Technoking,’ the People Are Disposable

Tesla CEO and self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk not too long ago ended a massively-tuned-into Dec. 4 Twitter Space hosted by Mario Nawfal, by noting that we reside in a time which, completely different from instances previous, doesn’t contain “some king or whatever [that would] just by default suppress” free speech. This is attention-grabbing, given this appears to be precisely the function self-labeled “Technoking” Musk is filling by way of his newly acquired social media platform, by arbitrarily and single-handedly deciding who will get to keep and what they will or can not say. Musk acts, as billionaire entrepreneur and crypto advocate Mark Cuban has not too long ago famous, like a one-man “judge and jury.” Cuban tweeted to Musk on Nov. 29:

We do not know what Free Speech on Twitter is since you are decide and jury. There isn’t any transparency.

Indeed, it’s now Elon’s platform. He can do what he needs, and I’m 100% okay with him doing that in precept, ignoring the obtrusive concern that social media platforms are large information assortment companies for the state, full with special government portals for the management of “misinformation.” That very matter was introduced up to Elon, by the best way, and he stated: “I gotta dig into this trusted partnership thing. Obviously that has like some big brother vibes … Twitter will adhere to the law, but it’s not going to go beyond the law.”

Anyway, as an precise freedom absolutist (voluntaryist) myself, I’ve to put this Fed-funded Musk to the take a look at. As “private” as his picture could also be now, he’s clearly in a position of state-influenced energy which may very well be an enormous detriment to on a regular basis people and free speech/crypto advocates down the road. While he famous repeatedly that he needs Twitter to “come clean” about its previous “suppression of information” in relation to U.S. electoral politics, Musk nonetheless delivered many combined messages.

‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Musk ‘Personally Wanted to Punch Kanye’ But Allows Murdering and Child-Abusing Politicians on His Platform

Let me be very clear that I’m not saying that is intentional right here — it might ostensibly be a product of extreme statist brainwash or ignorance — however Musk does enable literal youngster molesters (individuals who contact kids inappropriately) and child-murder approvers (drone warfare government signatories resembling Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama) on the Twitter platform. They are seemingly welcomed with wide-open arms.

And in case you name these atrocities and such tragic lack of life going on mere “collateral damage,” or “misrepresented love of kids” I’m simply going to snort at you and name you an fool, since you are. I might additionally ask you to be the primary to volunteer your self and your kids as victims of such assaults and sexual improprieties the following time a bankers’ warfare or pervert politician comes to your city. But I digress.

At the identical time Musk permits these creeps on Twitter, he arbitrarily refuses to reinstate the account of controversial discuss present host Alex Jones (one other suspect character). This is as a result of, in accordance to Musk: “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.” Jones, for his half, used free speech to question the official narrative of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, inflicting a media uproar. However distasteful which will appear to some, it on no account compares with the precise homicide and abuse perpetrated by these allowed to stay on Twitter.

Along with saying we shouldn’t use the dying of youngsters for achieve, Musk quoted Jesus of the Christian Bible and informed a disputed story about his personal youngster’s tragic dying to additional emotionalize his level — a narrative which Musk’s ex-wife says was not even true. Whoever is correct or incorrect right here, Musk did all this, sarcastically, below a Sam Harris tweet. For these unaware, the famend atheist thinker Harris was not so way back on the media sizzling seat for proclaiming:

Hunter Biden actually might have had the corpses of youngsters in his basement, I might not have cared.

Elon Musk seemingly has no downside with this. In the Space, he even proclaimed: “Hunter Biden seems kind of fun, to be honest.” The tales and concepts above are all so tragic and/or disgusting that disputing particulars appears nearly insensitive, on both facet, however a dispassionate look below the microscope of purpose is important so as to keep rational readability, and to keep away from being tricked by manipulators who love to cover behind simply such so-called taboo and “unmentionable” subjects. Sacred cows.

As for the reinstatement of former U.S. president Donald Trump’s account, Musk had initially informed “the people” a council could be figuring out such actions, however this plan was scrapped in lieu of a single Twitter ballot from Elon’s personal account.

However, the “Vox Populi” demanding Alex Jones be introduced again, and urgent questions on what constitutes so-called “negative” or “hate” tweets — which Musk stated would now be “max deboosted” and demonetized below his new rule — was summarily ignored by the self-crowned tech king.

Musk additionally not too long ago banned hip-hop star Kanye West (who himself appears to me — for a lot of causes — one other shill character designed to fire up misguided chaos and muddy the waters) for sharing a controversial image, and after feedback about Nazis and Hitler in an interview with Alex Jones. Musk said within the Dec. 4 Twitter Space that Ye’s current tweet was an unlawful “incitement to violence” particularly as a result of:

I personally wished to punch Kanye, in order that was undoubtedly inciting me to violence.

Needless to say, “incitement to violence” doesn’t imply phrases that make one particular person really feel like utilizing literal violence in opposition to the speaker. No matter how ludicrous or insensitive the phrases — or on this case, picture — could also be. Incitement to violence is saying one thing resembling “Let’s all go rob Joe tomorrow!” It’s past the scope of this text to go deeper into the conduct of narcissists and megalomaniacs, however speaking endlessly about saving humanity, posturing as a literal messiah determine, and considering you get to bodily hurt individuals due to their phrases just isn’t often signal. As H.L. Mencken famously wrote:

The urge to save humanity is sort of at all times solely a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs actually search: not the prospect to serve.

Elon’s Bitcoin and CBDC Confusion: ‘Money Is Digital Already’

In the Dec. 4 Twitter space, joined by the likes of Ben Stiller, Musk’s mom, and a slew of militantly-moderate-opinion-toting normies, Musk was requested if he was nervous concerning the fast introduction of central financial institution digital currencies (CBDCs) throughout the globe. Like all of the essential questions within the reside stream, he lived up to his self-applied label of being “fanatically moderate,” and refused to answer instantly. Instead, Musk offered some weird concepts implying that CBDCs would actually be no completely different than the digital fiat forex we use as we speak.

Ignoring the truth that retail CBDCs can perform as programmable money issued instantly by reckless governments and central banks, and their equally disastrous insurance policies — with the added capability to ‘bake in‘ mechanisms like taxation, digital ID, negative interest rates, and potential social credit systems right into the money itself — Musk diverted the conversation by focusing on the antiquated tech of today’s digital model of fiat, for a simple snort from the all-to-eager followers listening.

While brazenly acknowledging that “you can starve people to death” with draconian management of financial techniques earlier within the Space, he nonetheless stated: “I think they’re conflating a few things. First of all, almost all money is digital already,” Musk stated, noting: “Whether banks create their own cryptocurrencies I think is somewhat irrelevant. People will use the cryptocurrencies that they think will accrue value over time and not use the ones that don’t.”

Of course, it’s unsettling for a supposed tech genius to ignore the essential distinction between precise crypto like bitcoin money or monero and CBDCs. Namely, that the latter entails the violent power of the state. The solely particular person who appeared to even barely push again in opposition to’s Musk’s assumptions through the Twitter Space was Kim Dotcom, however total, and even from Kim, the quantity of rear-end licking going on all through was fairly nauseating.

Musk’s lacking the boat on crypto and money mustn’t shock us. After all, he has missed the boat on free speech, and these two ideas are inextricably associated. Governments are already cracking down on mere code, as evidenced by the current United States OFAC ban and sanctions on the Tornado Cash mixing platform.

It was this similar ostensible tech whiz Musk that failed to perceive bitcoin’s minimal affect on, and even advantages for, the local weather and surroundings (particularly in contrast to issues just like the fiat banking system’s vitality consumption, personal jets continually flying to Davos, and the dropping of bombs on individuals all around the world). Musk has as an alternative chosen to push the local weather panic and urge for a carbon tax, whereas canceling bitcoin funds at Tesla. Again, both he’s appearing and gaslighting you, or isn’t really very brilliant.

A nonetheless from the movie “Collateral Murder” that includes Wikileaks footage of American forces in Iraq opening hearth on 12 people together with journalists and two kids.

Using Musk’s ‘Bull**** Meter’ Against His Own Actions

Whatever you imagine concerning the official narratives relating to freedom activist whistleblowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, Musk’s milquetoast stance on the 2 within the Dec. 4 Twitter Space hosted by Nawfal is telling.

It is tough to watch the Wikileaks footage exposing the homicide of harmless individuals by U.S. forces in Iraq, together with journalists and kids, and not really feel illness and rage boiling in your abdomen on the injustice. One would think about that on the very least, a free speech absolutist like Musk could be a hundred percent on the facet of exposing such horrific crimes. But once more, the self-proclaimed “fanatic moderate” chewed his lips, answering:

“I don’t know enough about the Assange situation to give an accurate answer. There are things where national security stuff is involved that I think do need to be kept secret,” Musk stated. He concluded that, relating to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: “Probably the best thing would be a jury of the public.”

When pressed by Kim Dotcom, who famous that the authorized system within the U.S. would render such a jury inconceivable, as exposing information resembling Snowden did is against the law regardless, Musk gave up, sheepishly copping out:

I don’t know. I imply, there’s no straightforward answer to the Snowden/Assange state of affairs.

So a lot for the voice of the individuals, I suppose. There really is a simple answer for a “free speech absolutist,” and it’s not what Musk stated. Adherence to draconian statist regulation appeared to be the working thread all through Elon’s complete Spaces interview: We’ll do what we will, so long as it doesn’t battle with the authorized system, in different phrases. And, as evidenced by his current single-handed Twitter bans, so long as it doesn’t harm his emotions. To suppose that the fawning followers through the Spaces session have been involved about his security from the powers that be. Why would he fear when he has simply brazenly said he won’t ever disobey them?

When requested a couple of dialog Musk had with failed FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried within the Space, Musk stated:

Deep perception wasn’t obligatory. If somebody’s calling you to speak about investing in an enormous transaction they need to be asking questions concerning the transaction, not speaking about themselves, and speaking on the pace of an auctioneer. It didn’t require deep perception to work out that the bull**** issue is excessive.

I submit to you, reader, that if somebody is presenting themselves as a “free speech absolutist,” crypto advocate, and candidate for savior of humanity from the uncontrollable NPC left and big-gov/big-tech oppression, they shouldn’t be a fed-funded, carbon-tax-pushing, gov-contract-having, centralized-content-censoring, WEF-young-global-leader-being, Canadian-Social-Credit-Party-chair-descended, neuralink-monkey-brain-damaging, New-World-Order-jacket-wearing, technocrat-social justice warrior who needs to bodily assault individuals for the mere phrases they are saying.

Free speech absolutist. Okay. Cool story, bro.

In Conclusion: Something Is Very Wrong Here

Looking round on the world and again at historical past, the Vox Populi is clearly not the Vox Dei — except god is a raging fool. And within the case of Hitler, the Vox Populi in Germany beloved him. If Elon was actually as brilliant as they are saying, he would reside by a few of the many correct phrases he has spoken. For instance, when he famous that the state is a monopoly on violence. But, for no matter purpose, as an alternative of talking out in opposition to that very same state, and pushing for a extra voluntary and free market/open supply society which actually could be conducive to free speech and crypto innovation and peace — like voluntaryism — Musk contracts with it, and pushes for extra of the identical oppression, however in a extra misleading means. Meet the brand new boss, worse than the woke boss.

Toward the top of his look on the Twitter Space, Musk famous that account verification will probably be extra particularly leveraged to eliminate bots, however who is aware of precisely what this course of will finally entail. It might imply that people wishing to have a voice on the platform and stay personal and nameless, could have a troublesome time of it. “So there will be a gold check mark for commercial organizations, a gray check mark for governments, and a blue check mark for verified individuals,” Musk famous. “There will be a strong policy against impersonation and deception,” he added.

Musk is a tricky case as a result of he usually sounds convincing, talking generalized, cliched truths to oppressed individuals determined for an escape from the woke technocratic nightmare that’s taking place. He is the proper synthesis of an elitist Hegelian dialectic to pacify and gaslight (deliberately or in any other case) dissenters on either side of the faux bipartisan political scheme, permitting those who have at all times managed the world — the eugenicists, bankers, and secretive pursuits behind closed doorways, to proceed duping “the people.”

In different phrases, it’s all an enormous pro-wrestling present, going on whereas the overarching draconian agendas involving CBDCs, world surveillance, and impending local weather lockdowns transfer steadily ahead. As such, what’s perceived as Gospel reality by the bulk — the “Vox Dei” — is sort of at all times lunacy. If I’m deemed a lunatic for taking this view, nicely, time will inform it.

But within the phrases of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson within the hit track “Hells Bells”: “If god’s on the left, I’m stickin to the [apolitical] right.”

To hear to Musk’s Twitter Spaces look, one can accomplish that on Twitter here, or on Odysee, here.

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