I have the world’s strongest finger — it can lift a couch

Do you even lift. bro?

Steve Keeler is placing even the most ripped weight-lifters to disgrace by setting a new world document for the heaviest deadlift — with simply one center finger.

Yep, the 48-year-old UK man formally flexes the strongest bird-flipper on Earth, based on the Guinness Book of World Records.

The retail supervisor from Shepherdswell, a village in the Dover district of Kent, broke the earlier world document that stood for a decade when he deadlifted 285 kilos — that’s as “heavy as a three-seater sofa” — for eight seconds in entrance of a number of official witnesses.

“It’s such a random record but it is mine. It’s just something I thought I’d have a bit of fun with and nothing to take too seriously,” Keeler informed South West News Service. “I was delighted to find out I had won. It was a lockdown project, something to tell the grandkids.”

Steve Keeler lifted 129.5kg with just his middle finger
Steve Keeler, 48, dead-lifted 129.5kg — or simply over 285 kilos — with simply his center finger, setting a new the Guinness Book World Record for 2022.
GWR/Triangle News

‘It’s extremely painful — however my fingers are sturdy and I am pleased with my lift. It’s not the weight that’s the exhausting factor to lift, it’s getting by way of the ache.’

Steve Keeler, 48, a double black belt in karate and judo.

Keeler lifted six iron weight discs at the similar time: a smaller one measuring roughly 22 kilos, one 44 kilos, three measuring a little over 55 kilos every and one measuring 57 kilos.

Keeler, who has studied martial arts since his teenagers, started weight coaching about 4 years in the past. During the pandemic, he was “playing around” in his buddy’s residence gymnasium when he realized he was near breaking the random document.

“In lockdown we were doing some gym work and after messing about with some of the weights I moved a weight that was quite heavy with one finger,” Keeler stated. “We set challenges to see how heavy we could get and I wondered what the world record was. It wasn’t much more than what I’d lifted.”

The earlier document was held by Armenian Benik Israyelyan at 268 kilos, solely 110 kilos greater than what Keller hoisted whereas “messing about.”

The martial artist is considering attempting to break his own world record one day.
Despite setting the world document, Keeler isn’t fully glad. He is already contemplating coaching to beat his personal document: “I think I’ve got 150kg [330 pounds] in me.”
GWR/Triangle News

Once Keeler found how shut he already was to shattering the world document, he started coaching and finally managed to lift 17 kilos heavier than the world document.

“It’s incredibly painful — but my fingers are strong and I am proud of my lift,” Keeler stated.

He added, “It’s not the weight that’s the hard thing to lift, it’s getting through the pain and if you can do that then you’re fine. You have to get over the pain, you can’t just succumb to it – you’ve got to get through it. That’s something I’ve always trained for.”

The black-belt credit his a few years in martial arts coaching with giving him extraordinarily sturdy palms and a excessive ache tolerance.

Keeler devoted his win to his stepfather who he notes as his hero.

“My stepdad was my absolute hero and when I was a child, he came into my life and helped me with a problem I had with my bicycle. He brought a spanner round to get the pedal off my bike and he pushed that spanner so hard he broke it,” he remembered.

“He was into his strength training and this record would be in honor of all he taught me. He’d be absolutely chuffed to bits.”

Despite setting the world document, Keeler isn’t fully glad. He is contemplating coaching to beat his personal document. “I think I’ve got 150kg [330 pounds] in me.”

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