How to Use Protection Magic: 5 Spells That Clear Negative Energy

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Knowing how to use safety magic can clear away stagnant vitality, protect you from detrimental vibes and strengthen the obstacles of your aura. It may even protect your vitality and repel individuals with unhealthy intentions. Plus, it doesn’t have to be sophisticated to ensure that it to work! In reality, it’s the straightforward spells which are typically the simplest.

For so long as people have been alive, they’ve wanted safety. When historical people lived in tribes, it was essential for individuals to really feel a way of bodily security, however in our extra fashionable—and domesticated—time interval, the main target has shifted towards our personal non secular and energetic safety. Relying on spells to conjure our wishes into existence is an age-old apply that far outdates witchcraft, however nonetheless lives on immediately within the type of sensible magic and non secular rituals. 

The focus of safety spells ranges relying on the ritual and intentions which are set. Making positive that you’ve devoted time to give you the option to focus throughout these spells goes to be a very powerful a part of the method. Energy flows the place our consideration goes!

I’m right here to share all of my high ideas and secrets and techniques as a modern-day witch to just remember to, your well being and your house are all effectively protected for the occasions forward! Check the record beneath for the 5 high safety spells to incorporate into your non secular apply.

Red Bracelet Protection Magic

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What it does: Ward off the “evil eye”

In many Latin American nations, it’s customary for family members to adorn their beloved with a purple string bracelet. This apply is supposed to beat back “mal de ojo” or evil eye vitality from people who find themselves jealous, envious or just wishing unhealthy upon you. These purple bracelets not solely beat back detrimental vitality, however they’re believed to convey good luck in it’s place to the wearer.

Make positive that you’ve a trusted liked one tie your purple string bracelet upon your left wrist, because the left facet of the physique is related to our “receiving” or female vitality is greatest apply. Before the bracelet is positioned upon your wrist, just remember to and your confederate are setting a correct (and constructive) intention. You can both recite “this bracelet is meant to bring protection, luck and good fortune to the person who wears it” or just set that intention silently and individually earlier than the bracelet is tied.

It is vital to be aware that within the unique apply, purple bracelets are usually not meant to be touched by the one that initially wore it as soon as it falls off. It is alleged to be unhealthy luck to decide it again up as soon as it had damaged off, and that the bracelet itself had gone via its lifespan of safety. Meaning, it’s greatest to ask somebody close by to decide up and discard the bracelet, or to merely depart it the place it had fallen and stroll away. As with all safety spells, we wish to be cognizant of all steps of their course of and never simply the straightforward, enjoyable or starting levels of the spells.

Protection Prayer Magic Spell

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What it does: Invite protecting vitality into your life

This apply requires no extra gadgets so as to be set. To set your safety spell, begin by respiration out and in slowly 3 occasions. When you might be calm and centered, chant the next safety spell thrice:

Elements of the solar,

Elements of the day,

please come this fashion.

Powers of the Night and Day, I summon thee.

I name upon thee to shield me! So might or not it’s.

This is a really sturdy and protecting spell that has been in apply for occultists, witches and believers for a lot of centuries. Connecting deeply to your individual innate sense of safety whereas chanting this spell will enable you to solidify your intention. Try to think about a ball of golden vitality surrounding you when you chant this spell, rising stronger with every reciting. 


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What it does: Replenish your non secular & bodily vitals

Our well being is without doubt one of the most vital indicators of vitality, longevity and vitality. When our well being is at stake, it’s greatest to maintain ourselves effectively with a safety spell within the type of “Fire Cider” or a tincture of the Gods.

To make Fire Cider:

  1. Mix chopped contemporary herbs and greens (chilies, oregano, sage, thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric) and fill a glass jar with apple cider vinegar, ensuring that the ACV covers the entire different components
  2. Store this new combination in a cool darkish place for 2-4 weeks
  3. Strain your combination
  4. Take a shot of your Fire Cider potion recurrently (particularly throughout chilly and flu season or if in case you have been instantly uncovered to somebody who’s sick)

Many of those herbs comprise antiviral properties, which assist us to shield ourselves from sickness, in addition to detrimental vitality. Herbs have traditionally been used to beat back every part from vampires (suppose Garlic cloves) to plagues. Fire Cider additionally makes an ideal reward or addition to a care bundle to your witchy mates. Don’t be afraid to mess around in your apothecary *or kitchen because the muggles like to name it lately*.

How to Use Smoke to Clear Bad Energy

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What it does: Clear away detrimental vitality & undesirable spirits

Smoke has lengthy been recognized to beat back evil vitality and eject spirits will ailing intentions. Think about candle scrying: many individuals imagine that you’re in a position to see your individual highly effective, targeted vitality if you happen to stare on the small stream of smoke that comes off of a burning candle, taking it from erratic to concentrated with only a few seconds of intentional staring. Now we wish to perceive the place this apply began, and we are able to look to Aboriginal and Native American tradition. From smoke indicators, to smudging, to their delivery rituals, the indigenous individuals of America actually set the stage for extra fashionable makes use of of smoke and smudging instruments for cover.

To begin your individual safety rituals with smoke, use a number of of the sustainably-sourced following:

  1. Incense
  2. Herbs (frankincense, pine, cedar, rosemary)
  3. Sage
  4. Palo Santo
  5. Candles

Set an intention earlier than burning. An instance can be:

“As I light this tool, please protect me from any and all negative forces, seen or unseen and light the most aligned path ahead. Please grant me safety from all energy that attempts to hold me back from my path, my joy, my health and my purpose. So it may be.”

Candle Protection Magic

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What it does: Guard & strengthen your sacred space

Our house is the space through which our vessel dwells, however it’s also a hub for vitality. If you may have different members in your house, nosy neighbors, visitors or have given your house handle out to others, it may be clever to apply safety rituals to your house. The record beneath gives you steps to not solely defending your house, however your self and making certain that your well being, well-being, happiness, wealth and pleasure are all protected via these intentional and conscious practices.

  1. Mirrors: convey a mirror (or mirrors) over the flame of a lit candle and recite “I infuse this mirror with energy of this flame so that it may burn away all negative energy. I pass this mirror through the smoke so that it may protect and shield my home” then place the mirror(s) on every of the windowed sides of your house. This will mirror again all detrimental vitality to the originator and maintain your house protected.
  2. Clearing litter: caught and stagnant vitality no extra! When we clear litter (particularly nostalgic litter from our previous) it helps to maintain the vitality gentle and contemporary within the house, making it simpler for love, creativity and readability to exist.
  3. Salt outdoors of the door: take floor salt and place a line outdoors of every door that leads open air from your house. Salt is alleged to take in detrimental vitality, so conserving this on the surface fringe of your door is greatest.

Above all else, safety spells and rituals are greatest performed when there’s a deep and agency perception that you’re protected. Even in moments of overwhelm, risk or doubt, root again into the divine figuring out that your guides and angels need what’s greatest for you. Take these safety spells and use them as typically as you want to so as to obtain a deep and unwavering sense of security and safety—each inside and outdoors of your house!

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