Houston, Texas climate: Saharan dust returns

Saharan dust within the ambiance isn’t unusual this time of year.

HOUSTON — We have excellent news and unhealthy information, Houston.

Bad information: The Saharan dust is again.

Good information: The Saharan dust is again.

Where does Saharan dust come from?

Saharan dust within the ambiance isn’t unusual this time of year.

Saharan dust comes from the Sahara Desert, however that is just one a part of the equation. To the south of the Sahara Desert, we’ve got the Sahel, which is a area in Africa.

The Sahel is a semi-arid local weather, which signifies that it is a desert throughout some elements of the year and in different elements of the year it will get monsoonal rainfall.

It’s the monsoon rains that create that dust that strikes throughout the Atlantic and ultimately over Texas.

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What occurs is thunderstorms develop throughout the monsoonal season, which is from May to September, and because it occurs, storms develop, and as they collapse they create outflow boundaries.

Those outflow boundaries are only a large rush of air.

As that air rushes by means of the Sahel and into the Saharan desert, it picks up dust.

That dust lifts into the air and will get lofted by the commerce winds and is carried 1000’s of miles throughout the Atlantic.

High stress over Bermuda retains that dust to the south and steers it into the Caribbean and ultimately into the Gulf of Mexico, and that’s what provides us the hazy skies.

The advantages of Saharan dust

For those that endure from bronchial asthma and allergy symptoms, the Saharan dust might be a ache. The hazy skies may actually have an effect on air high quality.

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But on the flip aspect, the advantage of having the dust within the ambiance is that it chokes off any tropical growth due to its layer of dry air within the mid-levels of the ambiance.

So in brief, when there’s dry air there, you’ll be able to’t get clouds to develop.

The Saharan dust ought to stick round for the subsequent week in Houston.

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