House of the Dragon: The Stepstones, Explained


“House of the Dragon” is about to introduce us to characters and areas that we by no means realized a lot about watching “Game of Thrones.” Set centuries earlier, the prequel collection focuses totally on the rising divisions inside the royal House Targaryen. One location that winds up enjoying a significant half in some characters’ tales is the Stepstones, which is briefly talked about however in any other case out of focus throughout the “Game of Thrones” period.

What Are the Stepstones?

Physically, the Stepstones are just about what they sound like: a set of small, rocky islands that lie between the slim sea and the Summer Sea, in between Westeros and Essos. The land itself isn’t notably helpful, however their strategic position has made the islands extremely precious to generations of would-be energy brokers and rulers. By the similar token, the proven fact that ships should move by their area to hold out commerce and journey makes them notably liable to piracy and different risks, and rule over them has lengthy been disputed.

What Role Do the Stepstones Play in the Books?

As depicted in George R. R. Martin’s “Fire and Blood,” the Stepstones come into play once more round the similar time that “House of the Dragon” is about. Prince Daemon Targaryen, with the assist of his good friend (and cousin by marriage) Lord Corlys Velaryon, launches a struggle to take management of the Stepstones; the present rulers, often known as the Triarchy, have decreased piracy but additionally levy tolls on commerce going by the space. The Seven Kingdoms, pissed off by these prices, are serious about taking management of the Stepstones as soon as and for all.

Daemon and Corlys’s struggle initially succeeds, and Daemon declares himself King of the Stepstone and the Narrow Sea. However, his victory is comparatively short-lived, and the Triarchy quickly will get assist from Dorne, which is worried over the penalties of Targaryen rule extending into the Stepstones. When Daemon is pressured to retreat, each as a result of of army and personal causes, the marketing campaign to carry the islands quickly collapses.

The islands additionally grow to be the web site of some tangential conflicts throughout the civil struggle often known as the Dance of the Dragons, though they aren’t half of the essential struggle. By the time of “Game of Thrones” centuries later, they’re once more pirate-infested and harmful, talked about principally in passing and never enjoying a task in the essential plot threads.

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