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Hae Min Lee’s family feels ‘blindsided’ by Adnan Syed’s launch: lawyer

The family of the girl whom freed prisoner Adnan Syed was convicted of killing is livid about the best way his current launch was dealt with — and declare they had been left utterly out of the method, their lawyer stated Tuesday.

Attorney Steve Kelly says the family of homicide sufferer Hae Min Lee felt betrayed by the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office’s choice to spring Syed — who spent some 20 years in jail for allegedly strangling the teenager earlier than a podcast highlighted issues along with his case.

“Whether or not Adnan is guilty is beside the point,” Kelly stated in an interview on CNN.

“This is what they have been told for decades upon decades.  And the issue is nobody wants to find out who killed Hae more than her brother and her mom. What happened yesterday … they were completely excluded from the process. This is a preordained agreement between the state’s attorney, the defense, even the court.” 

Syed, 41, who was the topic of the favored podcast “Serial,” was launched from jail Monday following a court docket’s choice to vacate his conviction for the 1999 homicide due to errors at his trial. 

Baltimore Circuit Judge Melissa Phinn dominated on Monday that the state did not share proof with Syed’s attorneys that would have assisted in his protection. 

Adnan Syed — who was beforehand convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee in 1999 — was free of jail after the Baltimore Circuit Court determined to vacate his conviction on September 19, 2022.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby discussing the release of Syed with his family members.
Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby discussing the discharge of Syed along with his family members.

Syed was the subject of the popular podcast
Syed was the topic of the favored podcast “Serial” in regards to the homicide case.

Syed eating at the home of a relative after being released.
Syed consuming on the residence of a relative after being launched.

Kelly stated the Lee family are past “devastated” that prosecutors didn’t completely clarify why there was a sudden reversal.

“No one wanted to hear from or give them adequate opportunity to oppose this, or even to understand it,” Kelly stated. “The family … These are people who are very simple, hardworking people. They are not sophisticated lawyers but they have an open mind about new evidence. They are reasonable people and all they wanted was information.”

After a listening to Monday, Lee’s brother, Young, stated the family thought the case had been settled.

“This is not a podcast for me. This is real life,” he instructed reporters.

Syed was convicted of kidnapping and murdering his former girlfriend Lee in 1999.
Syed was convicted of kidnapping and murdering his former girlfriend Lee in 1999.
Lee's family felt
Lee’s family felt “blindsided” by Syed’s launch, in line with their lawyer.

The family additionally launched an announcement Monday that concluded: “The Lee family is deeply disappointed that today’s hearing happened so quickly and that they were denied the reasonable notice that would have permitted them to have a meaningful voice in the proceedings.”

Syed was let loose after a years-long investigation by the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office and Syed’s protection crew, who stated they discovered new proof linking different attainable suspects to Lee’s homicide.

Syed was convicted in 1999 for the kidnapping and homicide of 18-year-old Lee, Syed’s Baltimore highschool classmate and former girlfriend.

After arriving residence on Monday, Syed’s buddy, Rabia Chaudry, shared a video of Syed consuming leftovers.

“Leftovers at home never tasted so good,” Chaudry tweeted.

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