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Great Graduates: Adriana Arellano, Southside ISD

SAN ANTONIO – She is a prime scholar, entrepreneur and musician who makes use of her business as a means to assist build tradition.

You could have even seen her artwork on show across the Alamo City.

In immediately’s Great Graduate section, we need to introduce you to Adriana Arellano, from Southside ISD.

“I have a small jewelry business on Instagram called ‘HiSunnyLeo,’ where I make jewelry art that is like loosely related to the culture that takes place around like Jalisco in Mexico,” Arellano stated.

Adriana began her personal business through Instagram – clearly it’s a approach to make money, however for her, it’s rather more than that.

“So basically, my goal is to try to put a little bit of a modern twist on it in hopes of expanding that culture here to where people like to like local areas here in town,” Arellano stated.

Adriana’s artwork isn’t simply the items on sale. She is award-winning right here in San Antonio.

“I won the Go Public art contest where my artwork butterfly is showcased on one of the VIA busses that are probably cruising around downtown right now. And they recently gave me a tote bag just last Friday showing my artwork,” Arellano stated.


And to say she is multi-talented can be an understatement.

“This winter, she was also part of the Winter Guard competition with our color guard, where their group ended up winning first in their division and state contests,” Mike Misko, highschool band director, stated.

Adriana is a top-tier pupil, businesswoman and artist.

“She’s part of a clarinet quartet that earns one of the highest ratings on the hardest difficulty piece. So they advance to the state contest,” Misko stated.

As Adriana graduates from highschool, she has a message for any pupil on the market who’s prepared to pay attention:

“There’s no reason to think that you that you can’t learn how to create anything. If you want to learn how to do something, if you want to learn how to express, if you want to express yourself and share that with the rest of the community, just go for it,” Arellano stated.

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