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What is the important thing to a profitable film? Stuff it filled with stars and use a smelly vegetable to explain it. That’s what “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” did … and it really works. Just do me a favor: preserve your distance.

Salty, uncooked and soooo sturdy.

Dave Bautista (as Duke Cody): “Crew, we’ve arrived.”

That’s what it’s like peeling back the layers of “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.”

Janelle Monáe: “This is a murder mystery party.”

Altoids, anybody?

Daniel Craig (as Benoit Blanc): “There is one guilty party behind it all.”

The authentic “Knives Out” was launched in 2019 and have become a bonafide whodunit hit.

Chris Evans (as Ransom Drysdale): “Tell me what happened to my grandfather.”

But can “Glass Onion” do the identical? Do your eyes water while you reduce onions?

Rian Johnson: “The vibe was strikingly similar to the first one, and we had some really good times together.”

Writer and director Rian Johnson says the sequel is larger and higher, and he “shallot” inform a lie.

Edward Norton (as Miles Bron): “Tonight, a murder will be committed, my murder.”

Dave Bautista (as Duke Cody): “Will we still be able to talk to you?”

Edward Norton (as Miles Bron): “Yeah, I’m not playing dead the whole weekend.”

Benoit Blanc, performed by Daniel Craig, is back to save lots of the day. He’s investigating a homicide thriller occasion gone awry.

Rian Johnson: “We love being on set together. We were working together, we value the work for the same thing and, you know, that’s a rare thing.”

Daniel Craig: “It’s a rare thing, and if you get to find it, you cling on to it as hard as possible for as long as possible — until you hate each other. That’s just show business.”

Get this: assembling the A-list cast was simple peasy.

Edward Norton: “This is the spring of 2021. Let’s remember what was going on. We were in our living rooms, in our sweatpants for a year and a half.”

Janelle Monáe: “On the couch.”

Edward Norton: “And when the cellphone rang, we answered the cellphone and went, ‘Yes.’”

Janelle Monáe: “Yes, whoever it is.”

Edward Norton: “‘Now, who is this? Oh, Rian! Terrific. This is even better. What, Greece?’”

The actors felt like they learned something, too.

Kate Hudson: “Everybody’s had such superb careers and has performed movies that I’ve actually, actually beloved.”

Kathryn Hahn: “Yeah.”

Kate Hudson: “So to actually be in the room and see how everyone works and to be a part of it together was not only fun, but there was a lot of wisdom.”

The actual standout of the film? The writing. It’s intelligent, not difficult, an homage to writers like Truman Capote and Agatha Christie.

As for who performed it? Can’t “leek” that one.

Why is the film known as “Glass Onion?” Because Johnson, the director, needed the movie’s title to discuss with one thing hidden in plain sight. Plus, he Googled songs with the phrase “glass” and landed on “Glass Onion” by the Beatles. He’s such an enormous fan of the group, he determined that will be the title of his sequel.

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