Get a taste of Latin American culture during Latin Restaurant Week in Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and this week there’s an occasion in Chicago, celebrating Latino meals.

The second annual Latin Restaurant Week highlights Chicago’s Latin cooks, bartenders, and restaurant homeowners.

Karinn Andréa Chavarria, co-founder of Latin Restaurant Week stated the theme is “El Tour de Sabor,” inviting Chicagoans to attempt delicacies from a number of completely different Latin American nations.

“We have over 35 participating restaurants, and what they’ve done for you guys is create a delectable, delicious special to entice you guys to go visit them. Which, in turn, really helps the foot traffic, and really brings awareness. So they’re super-excited to showcase what they have,” she stated.

Latin Restaurant Week began final year in Houston, and has expanded to Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta this year.

“Chicago is such a vibrant city, with such a myriad of Latin cultures. So when you think of Latin food, you might automatically think of tacos … which is amazing, because we have a lot of amazing taco spots. But there is such diversity in Chicago, and we really wanted to bring awareness to that,” she stated. “We wanted to make sure that there was a platform for Latinx business owners to thrive, and something for them, and to be very inclusive in Chicago. We thought it was a great city to help raise awareness.”

Some of Chavarria’s favourite Latin eating places in Chicago embrace Tacotlan, a Mexican restaurant in the Hermosa neighborhood, run by a father-daughter duo identified for his or her Birria fashion tacos; Nellie’s Puerto Rican Restaurant in West Town, standard for his or her Pastelón, a plantain and egg casserole; and Tsukiji, a Latina-owned sushi restaurant that options guacamole rolls and different mariscos dishes.

“Just a few ways to step out of your comfort zone, and try something new,” Chavarria stated.

Latin Restaurant Week lasts till Friday. You can see the full menu of specials offered at all 35 participating restaurants on the Latin Restaurant Week website.

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