Fellow Hollywood firefighters gather to remember veteran who died of heart attack after 48-hour shift

HOLLYWOOD – A firefighter’s job is all the time tough. But that is maybe the toughest of all of them – bringing one of their very own to say goodbye to his fast and prolonged household.

“It’s devastating, this was totally unexpected,” mentioned retired Hollywood firefighter Ken Miranda.

Particularly somber for Hollywood firefighter Chris Allen’s spouse Dora and children. Dora gave a nod of approval to carry her loving husband into the funeral dwelling.

Allen died from a heart attack simply hours after working a 48-hour shift throughout this previous weekend’s storms, the one one in a position to maneuver the division’s brand-new excessive water rescue truck.

“He was the best man for the job,” mentioned one firefighter at Tuesday’s service.

And one of the best at taking a joke.

Firefighters identified for his or her comradery, injecting some humor into this all-too unhappy day, poking enjoyable at firefighter Allen for an additional flooding name not way back when his personal truck did not make it.

“We joke with him constantly about that truck being sunk,” mentioned one other firefighter.

This humor steeped in love – a diversion from the sorrow-filled day, as buddies and fellow heroes remember what made firefighter Chris Allen so extremely particular.

“This is the kind of guy that would do absolutely anything for anybody,” mentioned a firefighter. “If you’re down, he’s going to bring you up. Having a bad day? He’ll make it a good day.”

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