Experts urge to have a plan in place in case your vehicle ends up in body of water

MIAMI – Retention ponds all throughout South Florida have develop into the positioning of accidents the place the driving force plug into the water now officers are issuing security warnings.

“Sometimes, it’s just seconds that you have to be able to react,” mentioned Captain Ignatius Carroll, with the City of Miami Fire and Rescue referring to the time wanted to save a life as soon as a automotive drives into a canal or retention pond.

In latest weeks there was a rash of comparable crashes, one of the latest taking place simply final week on Florida’s Turnpike as the driving force tried to exit onto Southwest eighth Street, in Miami-Dade.

“The vehicle lost control over turn driving off of the roadway into the pond,” mentioned Alex Camacho with the Florida Highway Patrol.

A very good samaritan rushed to the help of the driving force however to no avail as he later handed away, however Carroll mentioned they’re steps drivers can to take to assist guarantee their security.

“Take the seconds that you have while the vehicle is still above water, to get out. The first thing you do if you want to take off your seatbelt,” added Carroll. Who additionally mentioned it’s normal for the seatbelt to jam in these situations. That is why it is essential to have a device like this one which can be utilized to minimize the seatbelt. The subsequent step is to get out of the automotive, and Carroll says there’s a device for that.

“They have different types of emergency escape hammers that have actual seatbelt cutters on it. As well as a sharp tip that would allow you to break a window and most of the time the best place to do it is in the corner where it will shatter” added Carroll.

“If you don’t have these instruments and you employ can use a sharp object or shoe, and even use your elbow, all you have to do is to hit the middle of the window in one of your aspect home windows

Still, Carol says his finest recommendation is to use precaution on the roadway, particularly in dangerous climate.

“We can not encourage our community enough to head the safety tips and be careful when you’re out there driving.” Said Carroll.

Officials say it is also essential to keep calm in these situations that means you may shortly come up with an exit plan.  

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