Lindsay Tells Austen She’s In Love With Him

Hurricane Hubb House is right here — and she or he’s dropping L-bombs! Lindsay Hubbard arrives in Vermont on the Wednesday, October 27, episode of Winter House, and she or he’s losing no time with Austen Kroll.

In Us Weekly’s unique sneak peek of the episode, Lindsay, 35, tells Austen, 34, that she is “in love” with him.

“There’s a family ‘love’ and an ‘I-wanna-f—k-you love,’” Amanda Batula tells her drunk housemates earlier than leaving the twosome alone.

While Lindsay initially says, “I don’t know,” when requested by Austen if she loves him, she subsequently cuddles as much as the Charleston resident.

“I am in love with you,” she then admits. “I’m in love with you. I don’t think you understand.”

The Southern Charm star seemingly mixes up his phrases as he responds. “I don’t think I still do,” he says. “Are you just saying this because you’re drunk right now?”

During a separate dialog, Craig Conover informs Ciara Miller that he thought it was widespread information that Lindsay had a “crush” on Austen.

“I didn’t know it was still, like, a current thing,” Ciara, who made out with Austen within the scorching tub in the course of the premiere, replies.

Earlier this month, Lindsay admitted to Us that she was “100 percent too drunk” on Fireball whiskey and was dreading watching the second again.

“I come in and start some s—t, and like, tell everyone I’m in love with them and I’m not. And I’m, like, wasted while doing it and you’re just, like, ‘No, why? No! Brush your hair. F—k, No I can’t,’” she stated, revealing that Austen wasn’t the one one to whom she drunkenly confessed her love. “In that moment, I did say that I was in love with a lot of people — I haven’t seen the episode and whether they play all of those people or not, I have no idea.”

The publicist additionally shed some gentle on her pre-show relationship with Austen.

“We’re living in a very different environment than most people, and you need as many friends as you can to just bounce ideas off and try to work through certain situations,” Lindsay instructed Us. “If you can find that person in somebody else on a different show who understands what you’re going through, but it’s not too close to the situation, that’s where we became friends and we’ve been nurturing that friendship for the last three years. [Fans will] start to see that development, that friendship.”

She added, “I know it feels like it came out of nowhere, it really does, [but] it really has not come out of nowhere. We do have a history of friendship and physical history of romance.”

Winter House airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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