LeBron James says he tweeted ‘You’re Next’ – Deadline

Los Angeles Lakers star and entertainment actor / producer LeBron James has posted about his reasons for taking what he saw as a inflammatory tweet in relation to the police shooting of a 16-year-old black girl in Columbus, Ohio.

Earlier today, James posted a tweet showing a photo of a white cop who shot Makhia Bryant, who shot the girl. Officer Nicholas Reardon’s photo had a caption that read, “You’re Next #Accountability.” The caption also had an hour-long emoji.

Some took it as a threat and James deleted the tweet following an arson. Early in the evening he posted his thoughts on why he posted the messages.

In the Columbus incident, the video showed the officer arriving at the scene and experiencing a dispute in progress. Bryant was seen in the video waving a knife and apparently threatening another girl. Reardon shouted “Get down!” And then fired four times, killing Bryant.

James, an Ohio native of Akron, later explained his initial anger.

“I am very tired of seeing black people killed by the police. I took the tweet down because it is being used to generate more hatred — it is not about an officer. It is about the whole system and they always use our words to create more racism. I am desperate for more credibility.

He said, “Anger does any of us good and includes ourselves! It does however collect and educate all the facts!

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