Hilary Duff Lead to How I Met Your Mother Sequel Series

How did you meet Hillary? small Actress Hilary Duff is about to embark on a new adventure Major on hulu’s upcoming How i met your mother result. On April 21, Duff revealed that she was joining the character, Sophie, who tells her son how she was related to her father. Can you guess the title? Ding ding, How I Met Your Father correct.

It’s unclear how Duff’s series will link to the original show starring Josh Redner, Neil Patrick Harris, Coby Smulders, Jason Segel, and Alison Hannigan, but it’s not unnecessary to say that the premise seems to be that Leggen – waits for it – is scared. . “I have been incredibly fortunate in my career to play some great characters and I am eager to play the role of Sophie,” Duff said. As a big fan of ” How i met your mother, I am honored and also a little nervous [show creators] Trainman [Bays] And craig [Thomas] I would trust his child’s sequel. [How I Met Your Father creators] Isaac [Aptaker] And elizabeth [Berger] Are fantastic, and I can’t wait to work with him and all his talented people. Just here trying to join Hangal Originals and 20th Family. I think these are big shoes to fill and I am excited to move my 6 there! “

If the premise of this sequel sounds familiar, it is because a similar project starring Greta Gerwig almost took off in 2013, but the pilot was never picked up. This time, however, Hulu sent the show straight to the series. Duff previously lobbied to handle the streaming service Lizzie mcgaire Now rebooted by Disney. While this partnership did not end, we are excited to see more of Duff on our screens soon in this new role – and maybe a small Spinoff down the road?

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