Are Billy Eilish and Matthew Tyler Wears Dating?

Billy Ellisch has mostly managed to stay focused on his award-winning music career rather than his personal life, but dating rumors are beginning to break out again. This time, he is being paired opposite actor Matthew Tyler Weds in Los Angeles. What do we know so far? Not much at the moment.

On April 19, page six was published Pictures of elish and wers out together Drinking coffee and walking the dog of the Illish, shark. In one of the photos, Shisha, putting her hand around Elish, shows her resting her head on his shoulder. According to page six, however, neither Ilish nor Wers appears to have any interest in commenting any time soon: Ilish’s representative declined to comment, while Wers’ representative did not return a request for comment, And to personalize the story on the same day, Wears made her Instagram private. .

Eilish has spoken in the past about how much he values ​​his privacy as the rise of his celebrity star continues, and it certainly enhances their relationship. “I definitely want to keep [relationships] Private. I have built relationships and kept them private, and even what I have done; Elish said that with a small amount I let the world see, I am sorry Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp In September 2020. “I think about the people who have made their relationships public, and then they break up, and it’s like ‘what is it that makes it bad?”

Veil is in showbiz like Eilish, though her career so far has been quite low-profile. According to His imdb pageHis first screen credit came in 2012, when he appeared in a film Devil boy. He was also in a 2016 TV movie, Mother, can I sleep with danger?, And his most recent credits are listed as horror miniseries, Light House. For now, he continues to be radio quiet while rumors of his relationship with Illish are flying, and it seems as if the two want to prioritize their privacy, no matter what.

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