Ella Mae Begay’s family fear FBI reward too late after disappearance

Gerald Begay nonetheless texts his mother Ella Mae Begay on her birthday, even because the thriller surrounding her disappearance persists. 

The lacking individuals investigation case stays open on Ella Mae, and Gerald continues attempting to dwell a standard life. Describing an in depth mother-and-son relationship with Ella Mae, he mentioned it is exhausting to not be consumed with grief and different feelings when he thinks of what could have occurred to his mom. For now, his youngsters and job occupy his days; if it weren’t for them, he mentioned, he wouldn’t be holding it collectively in addition to he’s.

“Losing my dad was the worst, but losing my mom is the worst to deal with,” mentioned Gerald in a telephone interview whereas on his break at work. “I am close to my mom. It’s a lot. I’m still here. Still looking forward to getting at least some type of closure, if anything. If not, then at least get the people responsible for this whole situation, and not let it happen again to somebody else because it’s hard.” 

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