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El Cajon sees an influx of homeless people

The mayor says two motels absolutely occupied by people experiencing homelessness utilizing lodge vouchers.

SAN DIEGO — El Cajon is seeing an influx of people experiencing homelessness arriving to town and utilizing lodge vouchers. 

Mayor Bill Wells mentioned the police division reached out to each lodge and motel within the metropolis over the weekend. That’s after they realized about 1/fifth of lodge rooms are being occupied by somebody with a voucher.

“We’re not happy that no one contacted us and told us they were going to be dumping a massive number of homeless people in El Cajon” mentioned Wells. 

He mentioned a minimum of two motels are absolutely occupied by people experiencing homelessness.

“They’re telling us that people are brought by sheriff’s deputies. If that’s the case, I want the sheriff’s department to tell me where these people are coming from and why they’re coming to El Cajon. Why not Del Mar or Solana Beach?” he mentioned.

El Cajon has about 1,000 lodge rooms citywide, the mayor discovered 185 are being taken by lodge vouchers. CBS 8 reached out to a homeless advocate to additional clarify the influx.

“The vouchers are not given out in the city of San Diego. Only in East County. That has been very complicated. We’ve seen some folks tell locals in San Diego go to East County and you’ll have better luck,” Amie Zamudio mentioned.

Jose Jacinto coaches boxing up the road from one of the lodges housing people experiencing homelessness.

“We’ve always had homeless but the last three months have been really bad. A lot of homeless. There’s kids at our gym all the time and there’s people doing drugs, smoking pills out of aluminum foils,” he mentioned.

The mayor says the added influx of people is difficult on town.

“It’ not fair to the people that live in El Cajon. We have our own problems and homeless population, and we work very hard to try to give them treatment and options,” Mayor Bill Wells mentioned. 

The mayor reached out to San Diego County Monday and is ready on a response. 

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