TikTok’s Latest Craze: Stealing Stuff From School

Brendan Gahan, a associate and chief social officer for the digital company Mekanism, stated #deviouslicks had been like senior pranks earlier than the web age, in addition to different web antics — like “gallon smashing,” (individuals recording themselves destroying milk cartons in grocery shops) and “stealing LeBron’s head,” (from the toy motion determine of the basketball participant LeBron James).

“It’s all teen rebellion, but it’s just on a different medium,” Mr. Gahan stated. “There’s something innately attractive about conflict, and it being rebellious. TikTok allows people to share, and display, that behavior, on a scale that’s not really been available before.”

But this rebel is pricey for colleges.

The North East Independent district, in San Antonio, is making college students — and their households — pay tons of of {dollars} in damages to every college, in response to the district. The district hasn’t dominated out urgent fees for extra critical thefts.

According to a district spokeswoman, Aubrey Chancellor, 5 out of the six excessive colleges within the district are reporting thefts starting from stolen cleaning soap dispensers to fireplace extinguishers. One college noticed shattered mirrors. Custodians, and different upkeep workers employees, have to wash up after the scholars.

“Once we’ve identified the student, it’s the parents who are going to pay,” Ms. Chancellor stated. “It’s not monetary. It’s the principle of the matter.”

Both Ms. Brennan and Mr. Gahan doubt that both TikTok or college districts will be capable of cease the pattern, likening any efforts to the Streisand effect, which means that the extra authorities attempt to deter college students from stealing, the extra they really encourage it.

“I’m not saying schools shouldn’t send out these notices,” Mr. Gahan stated. “But it might be better to deprive it of oxygen, than acknowledge, or even push against it.”

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