Does The Moon Affect Your Hair? According To Astrology, Yes

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If you’re a lover of astrology, you’re in all probability accustomed to the varied undulations of the cosmos. I wager you already know you’re purported to set new intentions throughout a brand new moon and also you’re meant to launch emotional muddle throughout a full moon. You may need additionally heard that making everlasting selections throughout Mercury retrograde is an enormous no-no. But have you ever ever thought in regards to the moon’s affect in your general magnificence? Better but—do you know the moon impacts your hair in a serious means? Whether you’re dreaming of lengthy luscious locks straight out of a list otherwise you’re considering an edgy minimize that turns each head, be happy to look to the moon for steering on all of your hair-related wants.

So, what does the moon should do along with your hair, anyway? It’s really fairly easy, as a result of the moon has to do with every thing about just about every thing. Being that human beings are made up of roughly 70 p.c water, the moon has fairly an affect on our emotional and bodily our bodies. Think about it—the moon’s gravity actually pulls the ocean in direction of it! The human physique is usually water, and just like the tides, we’re being pulled round by the moon’s whims. It even impacts our cardiovascular system! In truth, in response to a 2013 study on the moon’s affect on the human physique, we regularly expertise a delicate drop in blood stress throughout new moons and full moons when in comparison with different phases of the lunar cycle.

If the moon has an affect on our our bodies, wouldn’t it make sense that it additionally impacts our hair (in addition to our look on the whole)? If you’re questioning how the moon really impacts your mane and harness the moon’s magic to rework your locks, hold studying:

Full Moon Aquarius Horoscopes

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How Does The Moon Affect Your Hair?

The 28-day lunar cycle is all about development. It begins with the brand new moon, which represents the method of planting the seeds of one thing new. As the moon waxes, that seed begins to develop and sprout leaves, and by the point the complete moon tales place, it lastly reaches its peak stage of development and blossoms. By the time the moon wanes and reaches the brand new moon section as soon as once more, the cycle repeats, perpetually bringing us new development.

Like the lunar cycle, every strand of your hair is enduring its personal development course of. In truth, it goes by three separate phases—anagen, catagen and telogen. The first one—anagen—is the expansion section, which lasts a number of years. This is when your hair will get most of its size! By the time it reaches the catagen section, your hair development slows to a halt, and by the point it reaches telogen, your hair initiates the method of shedding.

When you contemplate that the lunar cycle and the method of rising your hair have comparable peaks and valleys, it solely is smart there could be a correlation between the 2. And in case you comply with the ebb and circulation of the lunar cycle, you’ll be able to uncover the absolute best instances of the month to make alterations to your hair!

How The Moon Affects Your Hair Astrology

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How The Moon Can Benefit Your Hair

When you perceive how your hair seems to be and feels all through the lunar cycle, you should utilize that data to harness each final drop of hair magic. During a brand new moon, your locks are sometimes full of extra moisture, which is almost definitely when your hair is feeling healthiest; prefer it’s at its prime. After all, hair that’s moisturized is commonly softer and extra resilient, making it extra in a position to face up to the weather. This makes new moons an optimum time for making an attempt out new hairstyles, corresponding to coloring, including highlights, utilizing somewhat additional warmth or placing in extensions. Your hair can deal with it!

On the opposite hand, in case you’re within the temper for a drastic haircut, a trim or in any other case, it’s finest suggested to try this roughly 14 days into the lunar cycle, near a full moon. Just like full moons are prime time for pruning and harvesting your vegetation, it’s also prime time for taming these locks of yours. Full moons are all about releasing, cleaning and clearing, so if you consider how your hair shops every thing, utilizing a full moon as a time to launch these useless ends makes an entire lot of sense. Just like once you launch anything in life, letting go of these break up ends will permit your hair to develop more healthy and stronger.

Give your self a brand new coiffure throughout the brand new moon. Give your self a great trim throughout the full moon.

In a nutshell, you must give your self a brand new coiffure throughout the brand new moon and 5 your self a great trim throughout the full moon. Using the moon for not solely the last word hair care, but in addition one of the best hair outcomes, will probably be what units you other than the typical head of hair. You also needs to keep away from slicing throughout a brand new moon and avoid any drastic hair modifications on the complete moon. If you stick to those easy guidelines, you’ll ought to discover a distinction inside a month, particularly in case you’re making an attempt to develop and heal your hair.

STYLECASTER | New Moon Horoscope

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When To Schedule Your Next Cut & Color

Beyond relevance of the lunar cycle, you may additionally need to take note of any astrological elements to the moon in question. For instance, if a brand new moon is becoming a member of forces with Venus—planet of luxurious and sweetness—you would possibly need to check out a method that’s extra flirty and designed to lure in a romantic accomplice. However, if a full moon is becoming a member of forces with Uranus—planet of individuality—you would possibly go for a glance that’s shorter, sharper and edgier. Since the brand new moon and the complete moon are one of the best instances of the lunar cycle to nurture your hair, listed here are some essential dates to bear in mind.

New Moons in 2022 – Color, Extend and Change
New Moon at 2° Libra – September 25
New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2° Scorpio – October 25
New Moon at 1° Sagittarius – November 23
New Moon at 1° Capricorn – December 23

Full Moons in 2022 – Trim and Cut
Full Moon at 17° Pisces – September 10
Full Moon at 16° Aries – October 9
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 16° Taurus – November 8
Full Moon at 16° Gemini – December 7

If a brand new moon or a full moon takes place in your solar signal, moon signal, Venus signal or rising signal, any modifications made to your hair will turn into that rather more significant. In truth, it might even mark the start of a model new section of your life! Allow the moon to take over the wheel (or on this case, the salon).

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