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Cold snap could impact profits generated from cattle, Seguin rancher says

SEGUIN, Texas – A Seguin rancher is gearing as much as defend livestock from the upcoming chilly snap, as Thursday’s freezing temperatures could damage the profits generated from these animals.

Rancher Jim Colvin mentioned calves are born within the winter.

“Calving season is where you make your money,” Colvin mentioned.

Calves are delicate to a temperature drop, which might reduce into profits.

“The cold can really affect them. And you can lose a calf because of the cold,” Colvin mentioned.

He mentioned one approach to hold the cattle heat is to provide them additional meals, corresponding to hay.

“They use more energy, just like you or I would. You need more food because, you know, you get chilled and cold. So they need more energy to make heat, to stay comfortable,” Colvin mentioned.

This year’s drought has made hay arduous to come back by and costly. A hay bale prices almost double what it did final year, and nutrient-rich grass can’t develop with out rain.

As a consequence, cattle are thinner and have much less safety from the chilly.

“They don’t start cycling or ovulating to get pregnant at the age they should. And it affects — if they do get pregnant, it can affect their milk supply and how their calves — how healthy their calves are going to be,” Colvin mentioned.

He mentioned any new child calves will take shelter.

“We try to get that cow and calf into some protection under the barn just overnight,” Colvin mentioned.

Another technique to hold the livestock heat is to maneuver them close to timber and brush to guard them from the wind.

Colvin mentioned he would examine on his heifers over the subsequent few days and guarantee their water provide doesn’t freeze.


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