Chris Berman ‘Didn’t feel like fantasy had a place’

Matthew Berry continues to shed some gentle on why he left ESPN for NBC.

Berry joined Ethan Strauss’ “House of Strauss” podcast this week, and spoke about how legendary ESPN anchor Chris Berman didn’t need fantasy soccer protection to be a a part of his studio reveals.

“I think he was reticent when I joined the company,” Berry said. “Not specific to me. But I just think he didn’t feel like fantasy had a place on ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’ or ‘Monday Night Countdown,’ on the shows that he was hosting.”

While Berman didn’t need Berry’s content material in his particular orbit, Berry spoke about how Berman handled him warmly on a personal foundation.

“On a personal level, he has been nothing but lovely to me,” Berry mentioned. “I love the man and I would never say a bad thing about him. Really enjoy him, we text to this day because he likes betting. While he personally doesn’t play fantasy – although randomly, he plays fantasy golf…he understands the importance of [fantasy football]. His kids play, he knows that fans care about it. And by the way, in 2007, who am I? Chris Berman built that place, he built NFL Primetime, he built ‘Sunday NFL Countdown,’ ‘Monday Night Countdown,’ who am I, some dumb kid, to say what should or should not be on those shows?”

Matthew Berry said that Chris Berman did not want fantasy football content on ESPN's NFL studio shows.
Matthew Berry mentioned that Chris Berman didn’t need fantasy soccer content material on ESPN’s NFL studio reveals.
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In leaving for NBC, Berry joined Sunday Night Football’s “Football Night in America” studio present as a fantasy soccer analyst. It may be very uncommon for individuals who didn’t play the sport to offer opinions on bumper protection as he does. There are hosts and reporters, who reveal the “what,” however a overwhelming majority of analysts who break down the “why” are former gamers. In current years, Bill Simmons was on ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,” and Colin Cowherd did “Fox NFL Kickoff” for a number of years, however the examples are few and much between.

After Sam Ponder and Suzy Kolber took over the “Countdown” reveals from Berman following the 2016 season, fantasy was nonetheless not a a part of them.

Chris Berman currently hosts
Chris Berman at present hosts “NFL Primetime” on ESPN+.
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“It was important to me to be part of NFL coverage somewhere and I knew that as long as I stayed at ESPN that just would never happen,” Berry mentioned. “I’ve asked many times over the years. The last year I was at ESPN I was actually less involved in NFL coverage than I was the first year I was there.”

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