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A-list actors get our consideration, it doesn’t matter what. But Julia Roberts and George Clooney — they get essentially the most! Three extra minutes of Deco time! We promise, that is the final story about “Ticket to Paradise,” however we are able to’t assist ourslves as a result of the duo are telling us about their romantic ways.

“Ticket to Paradise” simply landed in theaters.

With Julia Roberts and George Clooney enjoying divorced mother and father making an attempt to trick their daughter into dumping her shock fiance.

Alex Miranda: “What I love about this movie, the premise, you know, parents obviously want the best for their kids.”

George Clooney: “Not really. I don’t. I don’t want the best for my kids.”

Alex Miranda: “But sometimes they don’t know, right? And that’s really the crux of the film.”

Julia Roberts: “Our lovely Kaitlyn Dever, she’s packing textbooks or briefs to go on vacation before she starts her new job.”

Kaitlyn’s character, Lily, is a regulation pupil, who units excessive requirements for herself.

Kaitlyn Dever: “And I think part of that pressure is wanting to be the best for my parents and make them happy and make them proud.”

But after falling in love in Bali with Gede, performed by Maxime Bouttier.

Kaitlyn Dever: “Her perspective completely changes.”

… Whether or not mother and dad are on board.

Alex Miranda: “With respect, you gotta stand up to the father. You’re standing up to George Clooney, though.”

Maxime Bouttier. “What is up with that, right? I mean, look, I prepared for that scene for like three months.”

But Maxime says the A-list actor was chill. No bigs.

Maxime Bouttier: “It was just like, ‘OK, I’ll dominate you right now.’ Not that I do that, haha.”

But Julia Roberts isn’t simply romantic within the films. Listen to what she did for her husband, director Daniel Moder, whereas capturing in Australia.

Alex Miranda: “I heard you wrote a letter back home every day that you were shooting.”

Julia Roberts: “Not every day but a lot of days.”

Alex Miranda: “Many days.”

Julia Roberts: “Every day in quaratine for sure.”

But her costar says, psst, he can high that.

George Clooney: “I sent a pigeon — an Australian pigeon!”

Alex Miranda: “I was about to say, George, did you do anything like that?”

George Clooney: “My wife and I always write letters. I believe in it.”

And this half is once I totally remembered that’s George freakin’ Clooney sitting in entrance of me.

George Clooney: “I have letters from Paul Newman and Gregory Peck and Walter Cronkite, and holding them and showing them to people is really– I find that really special, and I think that a text isn’t the same.”

Although, it’s not like they weren’t having enjoyable.

Alex Miranda: “Anything Nicki Minaj, anything Britney Spears.”

George Clooney: “Right.”

Alex Miranda: “You give me a few drinks. That comes on. I’m on the dance floor. What is that for the two of you?”

George Clooney: “House of Pain. That was a request.”

Julia Roberts: “Yeah, you can’t sit still listening to that song.”

George Clooney: “You can’t not jump around.”

Julia Roberts: “And we did. And boy did we.”

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