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Cardinal Designate Robert McElroy holds first mass

The mass was performed by Cardinal Designate Robert McElroy, his first mass look because the announcement of his new position within the common church.

SAN DIEGO — Cardinal Designate Robert McElroy held his first mass since being chosen as cardinal by Pope Francis. It was a multicultural occasion that included individuals from 26 completely different nations. 

People gathered contained in the gymnasium of Cathedral Catholic High Schools to have a good time unity and variety. 

In a celebration of range, San Diego Roman Catholic leaders hosted their annual multicultural mass.

A mass the place the Catholic diocese of San Diego in addition to churchgoers gathered collectively to honor immigrants all around the world with catholic unity.

“The San Diego African community is tiny, but we are still happy and proud to be here showing representation,” mentioned Vivian Jones, who was sporting ethnic African attire.

People from Samoa, Portugal, Ukraine, Mexico and a dozen different nations confirmed off their tradition.

“It’s amazing to see the event grow throughout the years, this is our fifth one and it just gets bigger and bigger,” mentioned Michael Pham, who’s a part of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego.

While the occasion was already a prideful second for these in attendance, having Cardinal designate Robert McElroy conduct the mass, added to the occasion.

Especially as a result of McElroy says Pope Francis chosen him due to San Diego’s border neighborhood.

Adding that a part of his position will likely be to assist refugees in disaster.

“I have been pretty vocal about inclusivity, especially immigration and refugee issues,” mentioned McElroy. 

The celebration additionally paid respect to Ukraine, parishioners had been praying for many who have lost family members due to the Russian invasion.

“This celebration for the feast of Pentecost, it’s a wonderful moment for our church and our two counties coming together,” mentioned McElroy. 

For San Diego Catholic leaders and churchgoers the occasion served as a reminder that the Catholic church wouldn’t be a faith practiced worldwide, if it weren’t for the individuals who come from completely different components of the world and worth it.

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