Here’s your chance to own ‘authentic’ Lehman Brothers swag

Lehman Brothers is alive — on eBay, where an enterprising seller is shilling corporate swag from the defunct monetary big and netting a pleasant revenue.

His cache of curios contains branded tote baggage, polo shirts, ball caps and various tchotchkes, with some mementos fetching greater than $100 apiece.

The hawker, who would solely establish himself as Ricardo, informed The Post he had the “opportunity” to load up immediately from Lehman’s stash of promotional gimcracks quickly after the agency’s ignominious collapse in 2008.

“I bought it all on a hunch thinking people would want a piece of history. Well, it worked out,” he stated.

Got $155 to spare? A crystal sphere paperweight emblazoned with the Lehman title could be yours. Or perhaps you’re in want of a Lehman’s weekender tote with a floral print for $255.

The least expensive merchandise is a $14 set of Lehman Bros. present baggage, which Ricardo touts on-line as “an instant conversational piece of history.”

“Everything I sell is authentic,” he stated. “I own the last of it.”

This bag is considered one of roughly 30 Lehman-branded merchandise on the market.

Using the eBay deal with rmp8907, Ricardo has listed 35 gadgets on the market, although just a few will not be branded with the Lehman title. He’s been lively on the location since 2002.

The peddler, who claimed he was retired, wouldn’t reveal what he did for a dwelling or how a lot he’s constructed from his on-line choices.

“Let’s say I made my investment back — and then some.”

Lehman Brothers ebay
This paperweight will set you again $155 to purchase.

The fallen Wall Street icon’s memento spoils enchantment to younger males in finance, who gravitate to the merch as a whistling-past-the-grave joke that’s assured to get laughs within the Hamptons, stated one tristate-area hedge funder.

“It’s an inside joke, a piece of history, and a fashion item all in one,” stated the nameless moneyman, who stated he’s seemed over the wares, however hasn’t purchased something himself.

The agency’s notorious faceplant — spurred by the company’s overexposure to subprime mortgages — was the biggest in historical past, and despatched shockwaves via Wall Street.

Lehman Bros. story
This bib prices $60.

The company filed for chapter after 158 years of operation, and may have paid again about $129 billion to unsecured collectors this year.

On Ricardo’s eBay store you’ll see Lehman choices like a…

  • Canvas tote for $89
  • Ball cap for $86
  • Golf polo for $90
  • Floral-print weekender bag for $225
  • “digital world clock” for $196
  • a “VERY VERY RARE” child bib for $60
Lehman brothers ebay
And Ricardo additionally has this messenger bag on his web page on the market.

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