Airforce One Subcontractor 223 late after losing job

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) – A Boeing sub-driver working in a new Air Force aircraft announced on Friday that it was cutting 223 jobs.

In a statement, GDC Technics CEO Brad Foreman said the job cuts are a direct result of the Boeing firing by the company.

In a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission, GDC said it anticipated most operations at its Fort Worth headquarters. It will also close its San Antonio facility where an Air Force work was carried out.

Chicago-based Boeing did not immediately comment on Friday.

Boeing sued GDC, It damages Boeing for millions, risking financially important work for the US Air Force and the president, accusing them of running into financial problems and missing deadlines.

In response, GDC counted Boeing, Alleging that the delay was caused by Boeing’s mismanagement, Boeing failed in its contractual obligations to the subcontractors, including GDC for payment due to its work. It is also alleged that Boeing has damaged the reputation of the GDC with the Pentagon.

In 2018, the US Air Force awarded Boeing a $ 3.9 billion contract to convert Boeing 747-8 aircraft into prestigious presidential aircraft and deliver them by December 2024. Boeing hired GDC for work on Airforce One and other executive aircraft, which carried government officials. .

A Boeing spokesman said Boeing is currently doing electrical power upgrades, communications systems, executive interiors and other work on aircraft at the Boeing facility in San Antonio.

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