State Troopers Vote On Which State Has Best-Looking Cruiser

Often, seeing a freeway patrol automobile on the Interstate creates a momentary second of panic as you look down on the speedometer to double-check you are not going too fast. Here’s an opportunity to take a look at these police automobiles for a trigger that advantages the American Association of State Troopers.

Each year, the group releases a calendar of the highest 13 most tasty state trooper cruisers. The order is set by votes from the group’s Facebook group. Proceeds from promoting the calendar profit the AAST Foundation, which supplies greater training scholarships for AAST troopers’ kids dependents. 

This year’s calendar goes on sale in September, however we already know the winners. Let’s examine them out and see the variety of votes for every one.

13. New Hampshire – 9,855 Votes

New Hampshire managed it into the ultimate spot of the highest 13 with a shot of a inexperienced and grey Dodge Charger Pursuit with picturesque mountains within the background. 

12. Michigan – 11,021 Votes

12. Michigan - Chevrolet Tahoe

Michigan additionally opted for a serene picture. Its blue Chevrolet Tahoe PPV sits in entrance of an outdated constructing with a glimpse of a lake within the background.

11. West Virginia – 11,375 Votes

11. West Virginia - Chevrolet Tahoe

West Virginia’s Tahoe PPV poses in entrance of the state capitol constructing.

10. Mississippi – 11,506 Votes

10. Mississippi - Dodge Charger

Mississippi’s image is straightforward. A Charger Pursuit sits in entrance of a ravine.

9. New York – 11,713 Votes

9. New York - Dodge Charger

Meanwhile, New York goes for big-city glitz and glamour. A Charger Pursuit poses with the skyscrapers of Manhattan shining within the background.

8. Tennessee – 12,529 Votes

8. Tennessee - Ford Explorer

Tennessee’s picture has an analogous thought because the one from New York by placing the cruiser in entrance of a metropolis backdrop. However, this one doubles down by that includes each a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility and a Harley-Davidson FLHTP.

7. California – 14,603 Votes

7. California - Dodge Charger

The LA River culvert is an iconic film setpiece location with appearances that run the gamut from Grease to Terminator 2. The California picture makes use of it to pose a Charger Pursuit.

6. Indiana – 16,865 Votes

6. Indiana - Dodge Charger

Basketball is a giant deal in Indiana, so the state places its Charger Pursuit in entrance of a hoop on a barn, and two balls are subsequent to the cruiser’s open door.

5. Nebraska – 16,933 Votes

5. Nebraska - Dodge Charger

Nebraska highlights the vastness of space by placing its cruiser beneath a starry sky.

4. Texas – 17,474 Votes

4. Texas - Chevrolet Tahoe

Everything is greater in Texas. The Lone Star State has its Tahoe PPV take up a lot of the street whereas the asphalt disappears into the horizon.

3. Georgia – 19,030 Votes

3. Georgia - Dodge Charger


Georgia’s vibrant blue Charger Pursuit poses in entrance of a waterfall at an angle that makes it appear to be the automobile is about to get moist.

2. Ohio – 65,529 Votes

2. Ohio - Dodge Charger

Ohio will get some assist from the State Highway Patrol’s helicopter to shine a light-weight on its Charger Pursuit with its sirens ablaze.

1. Kentucky – 77,944 Votes

1. Kentucky - Chevy Camaro

Kentucky had essentially the most votes this year with 12,415 extra votes than Ohio. The state’s Chevrolet Camaro is able to chase down speeders.

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