American Girl Doll Memes Are Going Viral On Instagram & Tiktok

You may need been holding onto your outdated American Girl dolls within the hopes which you could money out on them as “vintage collectors’ items” like your prized outdated Beanie Babies. But snapping a pic of them with the precise caption may aid you strike meme gold. The golden age of American Girl doll memes is lastly upon us.

Following the same format to the “We need a Disney princess who…” memes of latest years, the American Girl doll meme welcomes some ingenious tackle the historic contexts of American Girl dolls. Sure, Kirsten Larson might have given us her firsthand expertise of the pioneer period, however the place is the American Girl doll whose cow unintentionally brought on the Great Chicago Fire of 1871?

As drastic adjustments in the middle of American historical past happen in actual time, the American Girl meme has gained a newfound resonance. Whether you’re prepared to make use of a headshot of American Revolution-era Felicity Merriman to channel your anger for good, or simply want some humor to deal with the truth of being an IRL American Girl, right here’s all the pieces it is advisable know in regards to the viral American Girl doll meme.

American Girl Doll Memes, Explained

According to Distractify, the “We need an American Girl doll who…” meme template was first created by the Instagram web page @hellicity_merriman (like Felicity, get it?) The web page started posting normal American Girl-themed memes in February 2022 after which began the “We need an American girl doll who…” memes in May. But American Girl dolls had been steadily gaining reputation earlier than that: Other pages, similar to @klit.klittredge, have been posting random textual content over photos of American Girl dolls (suppose, “not to brag but I just drank a full glass of water”) since 2021.

At first, the development largely highlighted the dearth of American Girl dolls current for historic occasions just like the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 or the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory hearth.

Eventually, the development shortly superior to popular culture historical past. The web woke as much as the various gaps in American Girl doll protection. Where was the whistleblower American Girl doll? The American Girl doll who cried when Nick Jonas was recognized with diabetes? And what in regards to the American Girl doll who ate a Tide pod?

On TikTok, customers created their very own riffs. User @inbloombyemily started posting extraordinarily millennial American Girl doll memes in late June. This TikTok, which has over 160 thousand likes, captures the essence of what it was prefer to go to varsity in 2016, all the way down to the soundtrack of “Panda” by Desiigner.

American Girl doll memes achieved a brand new stage of virality, nevertheless, after the Supreme Court voted on June 24 to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that protected an individual’s proper to an abortion. Some photos used Julie, an American Girl doll representing the Seventies, to spotlight the states the place reproductive rights had returned to pre-1973 standing. Others juxtaposed textual content criticizing the Supreme Court justices within the majority of the 6-3 determination with an image of a slightly smiling American Girl doll.

Soon, the web was overrun with memes about what American Girl doll characters would take into consideration the Supreme Court’s determination.

The meme even made its means onto indicators at numerous protests in opposition to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. “We need an American Girl doll who dissents,” learn one in a put up from @hellicity_merriman.

“American Girl? Wish I wasn’t,” learn one other.

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