A monument to oranges? You’ll find it in Houston.

Jeff McKissack, a Houston postal employee, began work on the monument in the mid-Fifties. It opened practically 30 years later.

HOUSTON — It’s the group that places on Houston’s Art Car Parade, takes care of Smither Park and preserves the Beer Can House, however The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art bought its begin with a Houston hidden gem.

“This space was built by a man who didn’t have any formal training in building or architecture,” stated the middle’s Jonathan Beitler. “He put it together to create an ode to his favorite fruit.”

The result’s The Orange Show monument. Jeff McKissack, a Houston postal employee, began work on it in the mid-Fifties.

“He spent about 30 years building it,” Beitler stated. “And it’s completely covered in mosaic tiles, found objects, pieces that he picked up and found throughout the city and throughout his travels.”

The Orange Show’s doorways opened in 1979, however McKissack handed away shortly after.


“The arts community rallied around it and formed the foundation, which today is The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art with the mission to preserve and promote places such as this,” stated Beitler. “We want to celebrate the artist that’s within everybody. Because Jeff McKissack was not an artist, but we consider this to be a really incredible form of art that he created.”

The National Park Service does too, which is why it lately awarded The Orange Show a $500,000 Save America’s Treasures grant, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

“This grant is going to really help us restore The Orange Show back to how it was when it was first built and continue the tradition of The Orange Show for many generations to come,” Beitler stated.


A conservation corps of artists is already engaged on the restoration by portray partitions and re-laying tile. More artists are invited to be a part of the hassle.

“It’s a really great opportunity for people to experience something different in the city,” stated Beitler.

Learn extra about The Orange Show here.

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