A future king survived when a warship sank in 1682, killing over 100 on board. The wreck has been found off the English coast.

Excavators and historians are telling the world about the discovery of the wreck of a royal warship that sank in 1682 whereas carrying the future king James Stuart. 

The HMS Gloucester ran aground whereas navigating sandbanks off the city of Great Yarmouth on the jap English coast. It sank inside an hour, killing an estimated 130 to 250 crew and passengers.

James survived. He went on to reign as King James II of England and Ireland, and as James VII of Scotland from 1685 to 1688, when he was deposed by the Glorious Revolution.

Uncovering the Gloucester shipwreck: Norfolk’s Mary Rose by
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The wreck of the Gloucester was found in 2007 by brothers Julian and Lincoln Barnwell and others after a four-year search. It was firmly recognized in 2012 with discovery of the ship’s bell.

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