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8-year-old Daisy Moore is superintendent of White Plains schools for a day

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Friday was a busy day for a White Plains third grader.

She held conferences, made selections, and checked in on workers. CBS2’s Tony Aiello tagged alongside because the 8-year-old served as superintendent for the day. 

Her toes did not contact the ground, nonetheless Daisy Moore appeared able to fill the seat of energy. 

“I wanted to spend the day with Dr. Ricca and have fun with him – and miss school,” she mentioned. 

The enjoyable was combined with critical business, together with a meeting with assistant superintendents, and a large determination on the design for subsequent year’s present to incoming kindergarten college students.

Acting Superintendent Moore additionally really helpful a coverage change for her faculty library. 

“We only get to choose two books out. So maybe when you’re in third grade, you can take out as many books as you want, or at least more than two,” she mentioned. 

She actually introduced power to the job, skipping up the steps throughout a go to to Post Road Elementary, and visiting Mr. Cromer’s classroom, the place schoolmates ready a skit for their VIP customer. 

“Listen, I’m worried. You see the energy and the excitement in Daisy. I have a feeling I might need to dust off my resume,” mentioned White Plains Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca. 

“Still don’t where her career will take her, but she’s very creative and she’s very decisive and I think those are probably two things you need to be a superintendent,” mentioned Daisy’s mom, Aja Moore. 

“Yeah, I might. I might become a teacher,” Daisy mentioned. 

Not-so-large and in cost, Daisy loved her day within the large chair. 

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