8 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Digital Nomad

With the pandemic bringing remote work into the mainstream, it’s never been easier to pack up your workspace and become a digital nomad. But this wanderlust-filled lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you head out on the open road or buy your next plane ticket.

Do I have the right tech tools?

If you’re planning on becoming a virtual-only worker, you need to stock up on the right tools to support your new lifestyle. Consider investing in technologies to streamline your administrative needs, like setting up a virtual address for mail management while you’re on the road. A virtual address allows you to view and manage your mail from anywhere with an Internet connection, so you can embrace the new nomadism with no worries. You can check out resources like these for more information on the benefits of virtual address technology.

It’s also wise to carry a portable WiFi hotspot, so you’re never caught unaware by dead spots or a lack of public WiFi sources. Think about the tools you use in your work life today and consider how they could adapt to a mobile lifestyle.

Can my work schedule accommodate traveling?

If your career requires availability during regular business hours, setting off on your next adventure tour while holding down a job might be catastrophic for your career. Before raising anchor, try to arrange a more flexible work schedule with your employer or create a structured schedule if you’re self-employed.

Can I still manage my team on the go?

If you don’t think your current team can tolerate not working with you in person, it may be time for some staffing changes. But, if you envision your digital nomad phase to be temporary, consider providing an incentive for team members who stick around until your return to in-person work.

How will traveling impact my products or services?

Does your product or service require you to be physically available? If so, you’ll have to adapt your business model, your team, your schedule, or your offer before hitting the road.

If another employee takes over your in-person duties, make sure you train them to handle everything before your departure.

How am I going to streamline communication?

Communicating across time zones can be a hassle. Before strapping on your rucksack, make sure your communication protocols and tools are in order so that you can maintain virtual communications with co-workers, clients, and managers during your trip.

While traveling is unpredictable, you’ll have to ensure that you avoid going completely off-the-grid. Just because you’re on the move doesn’t mean you have to be under the radar.

How long can I sustain remote work?

Before you ditch your desk, try to provide teammates with an approximate schedule for your trip.

If your team should expect you back in a month, try to stick to that timeline. But, if you’re trying to make virtual work and full-time traveling a permanent solution, make sure to be upfront about your plans with your partners, co-workers, and managers.

How will remote-first working impact my business valuation?

If you’re a business owner, a lack of brick-and-mortar infrastructure or an absentee boss might impact your business valuation when it’s time to sell.

Before setting out, make a plan and seek advice from a qualified business broker to help you make crucial decisions about your travel and business sale.

Can I use traveling to attract new clients?

If you’re trying to prioritize work while trekking across the globe, make a plan to create new client opportunities while you’re on the road. International travel may provide a chance to break into a new market, target a new customer niche, or expand your company’s physical presence.

Final word

Before you pack your bags, ask yourself the questions above to ensure the digital nomad life is right for you. Work and travel can be a match made in heaven, but only if you prepare before deciding.

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