7 Products You Should Be Buying Online in 2021

Everyone wants to save money, but it can be a customer review scavenger hunt to know what’s worth buying online and what’s best left to the brick-and-mortar. Doing your shopping on the World Wide Web can save you a minute and bundle, but how do you know when it’s better to go in person?

Ideally, you want to be familiar with any product you buy online, so you know what to expect without seeing it in person. You also want to make sure it will be cheaper online than in a retail establishment. Here are seven examples of products that are better in the cybersphere in 2021.

Contact lenses

Gone are the days where you needed to take your prescription to a physical eye-glass store to buy overpriced contact lenses. You can save hundreds of dollars by going through a legitimate online lens provider.

The buck doesn’t stop there when it comes to online eyewear solutions. Trusted contact lens providers like 1 800 Contacts can even offer online eye exams to save you a trip to the doctor’s office.

Books and textbooks

Every college student knows the value of saving money, especially when it comes to overpriced textbooks. Buying your academic texts online is an excellent way to find new and secondhand books for discounted prices. Another upside to an online book-buying spree is that you can search by the exact ISBN, meaning you’ll never have to worry about showing up to class with the wrong edition.

Non-perishable food essentials

Grocery shopping online is a great time saver and stress reducer. Stocking up on essential items like canned goods, coffee, pasta, or rice will ensure you always have pantry staples at home, even when it’s rainy or snowy outside.


As a new parent, you know if there’s one thing you don’t want to run out of, it’s diapers. To save yourself a midnight run to the grocery store, consider signing up for recurring delivery or a subscription service. You’ll save money and time, two things at a premium for any parents with pre-potty-trained children.


If you have a favorite brand or item of clothing you’ve been wearing for years and know what size you need, buy it online. Not only does this save you a trip to the mall, but most online stores also offer significant discounts and online-only sales that will save you big bucks.

Printer ink

Similar to diapers, printer ink is one of those items that only seem to run out when you need it. Online sellers like Amazon, Dell, and HP offer subscriptions and recurring deliveries for ink, so you’ll never go high and dry on the day of your big presentation.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a godsend around the holidays, but they don’t need to be purchased in-store. Take advantage of legitimate online sellers to buy all of your gift cards online. Sometimes these gift cards can be sold for less than face value, which is a bonus for your wallet.

Wrap Up

Online shopping is not only convenient for saving time and money, but it is also a great way to reduce your overall stress levels. From errands like getting new contact lenses to buying necessary pantry items for your family, there are many products you don’t need to make trips to the store to obtain.

Make sure that whatever site you shop from is legitimate, and you’ll be on your way to significant savings in no time.

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