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43 rescued beagles will be up for adoption at Helen Woodward Wednesday

The beagles have been among the many 4,000 rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia that sells canine to be used as take a look at topics in laboratories.

SAN DIEGO — “Beaglemania” is taking San Diego and the nation by storm. Starting Wednesday, 43 rescued beagles will be up for adoption at the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

The canine have been among the many 4,000 beagles seized in July from Envigo RMS in Virginia. The Humane Society of the United States rescued the canine after the company was accused by the Department of Justice of committing 70 violations of the Animal Welfare Act.  

The beagles have been bred to be offered to laboratories who would then take a look at their merchandise on them.

“One of things we found out was they breed beagles for medical testing because they are so docile,” stated Jessica Gercke, Public Relations Director for the Helen Woodward Animal Center. “They are gentle and easy to subject to certain tests, which is really concerning.”

Gercke stated as a result of that they had been residing in cages their complete lives, the digs aren’t potty-trained, they have not ever performed with toys, walked on a leash and even on grass.

“There’s going to be a lot of things [the dogs] have to learn. But one thing they’re not going to have to learn is to be kind because they are just kind. The most beautiful, loving, forgiving creatures,” she added.

Most of the canine went to shelters on the East Coast, so they would not need to journey very far. 

Helen Woodward obtained greater than 40 July 24. They all instantly went into foster properties. According to Gercke, they have been malnourished, many additionally had dental points. All of them need to be spayed and neutered. Some of them underwent surgical procedure Tuesday.

(*43*) she stated. “We’re finding they had given birth to so many litters that the spays are more complicated. So it’s going to take a little bit longer for them to heal.”

To apply to undertake one of many beagles, you possibly can fill out an application on Helen Woodward’s web site.

If you want to donate to assist the canine, click on here.

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