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14-year-old girl starts a non-profit to help people recycle

Eliana Wyche began Save The Planet Association two years in the past with the help of her dad and mom.

SAN ANTONIO — Most 14-year-olds spend their day driving a bike, enjoying video video games, however not Eliana Wyche. She’s the president of her personal non-profit, the Save The Planet Association, and he or she simply spearheaded a recycling occasion held on the Encino Park Community Center. 

But her ardour for saving lives began years in the past. 

“When I was seven, I started a Save the Animal Association for fun because I was really passionate about endangered animals at the time,” she mentioned. 

But over the following 5 years her goals grew, and he or she took her ardour to a complete new degree. 

“I started Save the Planet Association because I was like why just save animals when you could help the environment they live in?” Wyche mentioned.

“We know that this is her passion and what do parents do? They fuel their kids’ passion,” mentioned Eliana’s dad and mom Gregory and Michelle who’re the performing board of administrators for the group. “She told us what she wanted, started organizing and giving us ideas about the events, and we would just guide her to execute this great event.” 

Wyche’s aim is to acquire and discover methods to recycle issues that are not as frequent similar to batteries, ink cartridges, gentle bulbs, and computer components. Things people usually simply throw away. 

“They don’t know where to go or they don’t take the time or they don’t have the time,” she mentioned. 

“She cannot do that on a global scale at this time, but she is taking simple acts, small acts such as taking recyclable items that our community can’t recycle in a home bin,” her dad and mom added. 

But in a sense she is doing it on a world scale, after getting some help beginning up the group from a good friend in Russia.

“She did a lot of research for me about nonprofits,” Wyche mentioned. “And she was always there for me. And that was just amazing to have her there supporting me.”

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