11 Gifts any Motorcycle Rider Will Love

With the holidays in sight, it’s time to shop for just about everyone in your life. Gift giving can be overwhelming as you try to strike the right note between thoughtful and practical, but the good news is that you know someone that like to ride motorcycles. This can be a great launching point for all kinds of unique gifts. From helmet communication and safety equipment to winter gear, there are so many ways to put a smile on their face this holiday season.

Use this guide to find the perfect gift for the rider in your life:

Motorcycle Backpack

Give them a way to carry around everything they need on the road. Look for a waterproof with straps around the waist for a more secure fit. The shoulder straps should also be adjustable based on their height and weight.

If they already have a backpack or need more room for storage, get them a saddle bag that fits onto their bike, so they don’t have to carry around the extra weight.

Tool Kit

Accidents happen. Having a small kit full of tools will help them fix the bike in an emergency. Get a kit that matches the exact make and model of their motorcycle.

Helmet Communication

Keeping in touch is essential when riding a motorcycle. Buy them a pair of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers, so they can use their phone, GPS, and radio without taking their hands off the wheel. They can quickly call for help if they need a lift. You’ll feel much better knowing they have a way to contact you in an emergency.


Chances are they’ll want something to drink after a few hours on the road. Get them a motorcycle cupholder with a reinforced grip to make sure their beverage stays put.

Action Camera

You can find an action camera for less than a $100 these days. Find a small device that fits onto their helmet or person, so they record themselves while riding.

Motorcycle Gloves

Every rider needs a strong pair of gloves, regardless of how warm it is outside. Look for gloves with insulating material that will absorb the vibrations of the road. Palm grips will help them control the bike in rough conditions. The gloves should also have a breathable design to keep air flowing in the summer.

Maintenance Kit

It’s always cheaper to maintain a motorcycle than it is to repair one. New riders often make the mistake of not maintaining their bikes, especially when storing them for winter. Get them a care kit with lubricant, cleaner, polish, wax, and other products that reduce rust and everyday wear and tear.

Smartphone Holder

If they’re going to use their phone or GPS while riding, they should have a stable smartphone holder. It should grip the device with a pressurized system to make sure their device doesn’t slip out. Check the model of their phone for a perfect fit.

Hydration Pack

It’s easy to get thirsty on the road. Dehydration can lead to all kinds of problems on a bike, including fatigue, lightheadedness, and a lack of coordination, which can result in injury. Experts say it’s best to drink half of a 16-ounce water bottle before at the end of the first fuel stop of the day. Then store the bottle on the motorcycle.

You can also give them a hydration motorcycle vest that fits under their riding gear. It comes with a straw that they can quickly grab with their mouth if they need a sip of water on the road.

Warming Vest

If they live in a cold climate and love to ride all year round, give them a warming vest to keep the cold at bay. The vest contains several heating “zones” made up of thin fibers of stainless steel, encased by a proprietary waterproof coating. These wires supply the heat and spread it around to various parts of the body, including the neck, back, and chest.

Some devices run on chargeable batters, while others require an electrical attachment. It usually draws power from the motorcycle battery. Experts say it’s usually better to go with a battery-powered vest rather than connecting it to the bike itself. Research the make and model of their motorcycle to make sure the vest is compatible if you plan on attaching it to the battery.

You can also get them hand warmers that fit inside their gloves for even more protection from the cold.

Motorcycle Cover

Regardless of where they plan on storing their motorcycle, they’ll need a cover to protect it from moisture and sudden changes in temperature. The cover should be waterproof to keep water at bay. Again, it should fit the size and shape of their motorcycle. It’s best to find a cover designed for their bike to prevent air from slipping inside.

When shopping for the rider in your life, focus on keep them safe above all else. The gear should be designed with riders in mind. Buy them a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, hydration pack, tool kit and other safety gear to make sure they get home in one piece. Check the customer reviews to make sure the item will work in a pinch. If you’re new to motorcycles don’t be afraid to google terms you don’t understand.

You shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to find them a great gift.

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