10 Terrifying War Drones That Give Us Chills

As a second iteration of the unique Predator drone, the MQ-9 Reaper is likely one of the longest-serving UAVs within the American army. The Reaper additionally constructed upon its predecessor, going past surveillance capabilities to first strike goal elimination. Talking about its function throughout the Air Force, Gen. T. Michael Moseley stated,” We’ve moved from using UAVs primarily in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance roles before Operation Iraqi Freedom, to a true hunter-killer role with the Reaper” (via U.S. Air Force). It includes a 900 horsepower turboprop engine that dwarfs the unique Predator’s 119 horsepower and may cruise quicker and better, in addition to carry 500-pound bombs and Hellfire missiles.

Despite its lengthy service, the Reaper continues to be an integral a part of the armed forces. However, in its persevering with mission, its technology is at the moment being up to date to handle new threats. SlashGear reported in 2021 that preparedness for the Reaper UAVs had shifted away from counter-terrorism missions to readiness in opposition to “near-peer” threats. The USAF sees an evolving geopolitical panorama and is continually making ready for doable threats on the horizon, even when no particular proof reveals an imminent risk. Whether the risk comes from an rebel terrorist group or a rogue state, the Reaper presents formidable opposition within the expert palms of the U.S. army.

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