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🧪 Science with Sarah: Topo-Chico Thermometers! 🌡️

👉 Watch the video of Sarah’s faculty science experiment right here!

Hello dad and mom, academics and college students! Want to see the science of meteorology proper in your house? Try making this Topo-Chico thermometer with Meteorologist Sarah Spivey and her superior assistant, David Sears!

Be certain to take a look at [email protected] on Wednesdays when Meteorologist Sarah Spivey does the demonstrations and explains the science behind it.

Science with Sarah: Invite KSAT to your faculty for stay science experiments. (KSAT)


Here’s the best way to make a Topo-Chico thermometer! (Copyright KSAT 2022 – All rights reserved)
  • A Topo-Chico glass bottle (or actually, any glass bottle will work)

  • Modeling clay

  • A transparent straw

  • Rubbing alcohol (USE ADULT SUPERVISION)

  • Water

  • Food dye


  • STEP 1: Take the empty glass bottle and fill it 1/3 of the best way up with water. Then add rubbing alcohol till 2/3 of the bottle is crammed. Because this experiment accommodates alcohol, please use grownup supervision when doing this experiment.

  • STEP 2: Add just a few drops of meals coloring to the alcohol/water combination

  • STEP 3: Using modeling clay, safe the straw to the highest of the bottle. Make certain that the underside of the straw is NOT touching the underside of the bottle and that the highest of the straw is NOT coated. It ought to appear to be this! ⬇️

This is what your Topo-Chico thermometer ought to appear to be! (Copyright KSAT 2022 – All rights reserved)
  • STEP 4: To check your thermometer, place it outdoors and within the daylight. You ought to see that the alcohol/water combination progressively rises within the straw because the temperature will increase. When you carry it again inside, it is best to see the extent within the straw progressively fall because the bottle cools down.

  • TRY THIS: To rapidly check your thermometer, place the glass bottle in a heat water tub or an ice tub and watch the thermometer rise or fall rapidly!


This is an efficient instance of warmth contraction and growth! When the liquid will get sizzling, it expands. This causes the strain of the air contained in the bottle to extend. The air pushes on the liquid, and the liquid has nowhere to go however up the straw! If you discover that your thermometer is just not working correctly, verify to verify the modeling clay seal may be very tight.


If you’d like Sarah and David to come back to your faculty and conduct a science experiment stay on KSAT, e mail [email protected]

Parents and guardians: add a video of your little one performing the exercise by clicking right here. Send it in and also you would possibly see it on GMSA @ 9 a.m.!

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